Support Hong Kong Independence!

Support Hong Kong Independence!

By Chapmun Chan

I am a Hong Kongese citizen and I support the independence of Hong Kong from China. As you know, Hong Kong has suffered greatly as a Chinese colony known as the “Hong Kong Special Administrative Region” or HKSAR for short. Our great city, which was once an Asian metropolis, has been stripped of all its assets and reduced to a cash cow for the communists. After much careful research and following the arguments set forth by Taiwanese independence groups, I have made the following arguments for independence.


China has never cared about Hong Kong. In fact, it has hurt Hong Kong on numerous occasions. Before the Opium Wars, China just thought Hong Kong was a piece of barren rock left to a few fishermen. During the Opium Wars, China was only too ready to give away Hong Kong to appease Great Britain because China got itself into trouble when it incinerated the opium shipped by English merchants for Chinese consumers without first asking for permission. They made up for this breach in etiquette by simply throwing Hong Kong away.

During the Second World War, Japan stepped in to bring Hong Kong into its Greater Asian Economic Co-Prosperity Sphere. China did everything it could to sabotage prosperity during that period to make life miserable in Hong Kong. Under British rule, there was a two-tiered racial system: white people on top and “yellow people” at the bottom. The discrimination extended to all walks of life, and China did nothing to protect the rights of people of Chinese descent.

In the 1980’s and 1990’s, China negotiated for the United Kingdom to return Hong Kong. This caused the calamity known as the Great Real Estate Crash of 1997, in which many Hong Kong citizens became negative equity owners. Since 1997, China has done absolutely nothing for the people of Hong Kong. The major accomplishments noted by the international media are the frequent presence of Chinese navy flotilla in Hong Kong harbor to intimidate the citizens; military parades held in Hong Kong by the People’s Liberation Army to intimidate the citizens; and forcing citizens to go out and march in the streets in the July heatwave of 2003.


As an independent nation, Hong Kong will no longer have links with the feudal Chinese culture. Over time, Hong Kong already has its own hybrid language in place: the people of Hong Kong speak an English that no one else in the world understands; they speak Chinese that no other Chinese speaker can understand; and most importantly, they speak a form of the Cantonese that people would kill for to speak like that. This new language is called Hong Kongese: a mix of Cantonese, Chinese and English.

The Hong Kongese language is used informal forms of writing. Our language is used in tabloids, in movie subtitles, and in other forms of communication. Our writing system has evolved over time from a process of modifying Chinese characters to the Hong Kongese language just like how Japan modified Chinese characters for Japanese. These characters have become so important that the Hong Kong government has incorporated them into a special Supplementary Character Set (HKSCS) for computer input.


When the Commonwealth of Hong Kong is established, there will be new changes in our society. Many of these changes will help us better separate ourselves with communist China. All ethnic Hong Kongese have to take an oath that they will commit themselves to the Commonwealth of Hong Kong, and will never say they are Chinese. All of them should be referred as Hong Kongese and Hong Kongese will be made the only official language. Chinese and English language will be only taught as a foreign language in schools while the medium of instruction of all schools must only be Hong Kongese.

We will encourage all Hong Kongese to marry with Hong Kongese of other ethnic backgrounds. This is to make Hong Kongese a true race, with an aim of purging Hong Kong of Chinese blood. However, we will deport those Hong Kongese who were born in the People’s Republic of China, unless they deny being Chinese or can prove that they would never betray the Commonwealth of Hong Kong. At least twenty years should be allowed to check if those people concerned satisfy the requirements before they can be given the status of a Hong Kong citizen.

The Commonwealth of Hong Kong will not recognize the People’s Republic of China until they grant Tibet independence, give up the right to “liberate” Taiwan and give Inner Mongolia back to the Republic of Mongolia. Also, the Commonwealth of Hong Kong will be an independent nation within the British Commonwealth with Queen Elizabeth II as the Head of State. The Queen shall be referred to as “The Queen of Hong Kong” in all official documents.


China has never done anything right for Hong Kong, and therefore we must become an independent nation. Hong Kong must be independent because it has suffered from countless historical abuses from the communists, we have our own culture, and we have a plan for nationhood. So this is the time for the people of Hong Kong to take their fates into their own hands and become their own masters.


16 thoughts on “Support Hong Kong Independence!

  1. …Dude… make me sick. Late reply, but still replying.

    Do you know why Hong Kong can be so successful today? why it grew from a “rock” to the city of Asia? because it was the gateway in a market that was controlled by a Western Power, that was the closest to central Asia. You think that people just come to Hong Kong, that money flows into Hong Kong cos people like to see our flea markets?? It served as a marketplace for the West before 97, and now it serves as a springboard into China for Western businesses. Now that China is fast becoming one of the most powerful economies in the world, and Beijing and Shanghai are becoming more competitive, I doubt that Hong Kong’s best interests would be served by an Independence movement.

    Just to clarify, I’m from Hong Kong, born, bred and lived in Hong Kong, before moving to Australia. Right now, the Australian Government is considering possible Republic referendums, a split from the British Empire. The population is majority white, Anglo Saxon Europeans and even they don’t like the Queen as their figurehead. You want someone who isn’t even of our race, a non-member of the majority of people inhabiting Hong Kong to become it’s figurehead?? Are you crazy?? this isn’t about Independence, this is about going back to British rule. I don’t know why you liked it so much, but I frankly hated it. Corrupt, rude and absolutely unrepresentative of the people of Hong Kong.

    You say Hongkongese and Chinese are different? so why the FUCK do we use CHINESE CHARACTERS TO WRITE?? granted, our pronunciation and tones are different, but you seriously think that Cantonese and Mandarin are so different they constitute separate languages? Go dream, we don’t have a separate writing system, it’s not like we have a completely different alphabet like the Japanese, or Koreans. The Japanese have their Hiragana and katakana for their main form of communication. Us? The “mix” of cantonese, english and whatnot you say is our language IS NOT!! A language must have a clearly defined form of learning and pronouncing characters. Cantonese slang is just that. Slang. It’s not an officially recognized form of communication unless it is written and pronounced PROPERLY, as in formally, like mandarin. You don’t believe me, check it anywhere in the UN, official embassy communication, etc.

    How retarded would a Commonwealth of Hong Kong Embassy look with a mix of English, Chinese and Cantonese slang in their publications and communications?

    I seriously think you need to go back and read your history. China (or the Qing Dynasty) of course wanted to kick the opium merchants out. You make it sound like such a small thing. Besides, it’s not like the Qing could fight the British, with French, German, Russian and god-knows who else in China. You want to blame someone, blame the Manchurian people, not the current ruling Administration. Oh, and before you begin to comment on Tibet, Taiwan and Inner Mongolia, read the concepts of Independence Movements, the cause of Independence, examples like East Timor and Serbia and Bosnia. If you want to debate this, my email is:

    1. To ask a question, so when Korean, Japanese, and Vietnamese(circa 1900) used Chinese Characters they were actually speaking Chinese? Even if that was the case it makes about as much sense as saying that I am writing in Latin because I am using the Latin Alphabet.

      If you want to split hairs and say that English, German, Spanish, French and Italian have some differences in writing, I would point out that the combined differences of Cantonese specific characters and the usage of traditional characters make it much more different.

      It would be insane to suggest that Chinese writing hasn’t had a huge Impact on Cantonese language and culture, but linguistically speaking it just isn’t true that It’s the same language as Mandarin. For example, Swedish and Norwegian are more similar than Cantonese and Mandarin.

      I don’t know how as a born and bred HongKonger you don’t know this, but those bits of ‘slang’ is actually the primary language of instruction in school and the tacitly accepted language of government in the HongKongSAR. If you ever get the chance, I hear Cantonese opera is beautiful and will give you more respect for Cantonese’s older and more authentic middle Chinese style. Sure the language has had a large English influence, but English has a much larger French impact, and still is a language.

      For full disclosure, I’ll say that I oppose British rule or commonwealth status, and in theory at least think one country two systems could work better for the city economically, but that’s not this conversation. As a born and bred HongKonger you should have more respect for your culture and history than to believe it is absolutely no different than that of Beijing, and Cantonese being just a bastardization. In actuality, Cantonese is my favorite Chinese language, and the one closest to old Chinese- renowned all of the world for it’s music and culture.

  2. Anglo-centric views MUST be purged from a genuine Hong Kong independence movement. William is correct. Not only is the idea of a BRITISH Commonwealth Head of State for the Hong Kong Republic an exceedingly obscene idea, it would be revisiting the premise of British Colonialism. This is diametrically opposed to the spirit of independence. We believe that even the authoritarian Republic of Singapore is a somewhat more suitable model for independence then what Chapmun espoused. Regardless, his views are not representative of true Hong Kong patriots and must be completely purged, whether by persuasion or force, if the independence movement is to gather genuine domestic support.

    On a separate note regarding language, in the study of academic linguistics, Cantonese is classified as true and separate language from putonghua. Cantonese is most similar in its range of phonics and pronunciation to ancient Chinese, whereas modern putonghua has drifted both in its written script and its reduction to four tones. To keep this short, one can check any academic linguistic resources on Asian language classification. You will note that official delineation of language types, such as at the UN, is a product of politics, which is sometimes removed from objectivity.

    William’s points regarding Hong Kong’s commercial interests are noted, but likewise, the argument can go in both directions. Namely, the increasing economic growth in China is both an opportunity and threat to Hong Kong’s prosperity in relative terms. With economic participation in China limited to tycoons and the wealthy, the Hong Kong middle class professionals and grassroots are considered to be too westernized and liberal as to be unsound. Hence since the handover, it is evident that the middle and lower social segments had tasted little of the “China pie”.

    If Hong Kongers do not take the initiative we will be doomed to a peripheral existence on the fringes of mainstream Chinese society. The mainland Chinese sees us not as brethrens that shared their toil and misery under Communist rules but as a segregated group of former colonial servants. And this attitude will only get exacerbated as the mainland Chinese come into their own as masters in the economic and political arena. Hence with the aforementioned factors, the people of Hong Kong must embrace independence as a way out. After all when we lift our heads up high we can grasp the keys to our own home, and what do we lose except our marginalization and chains?

    Where there is a will, there is a way.

  3. Many details about the history of Hong Kong as a colony and as a SAR are not teached in european schools or even published in the media- GB included, which should take special responsibilities. And so, I (and most other europeans) don’t know any specific details about the freedom of press or the Freedom of expression in Hong Kong.

    Are the human rights (for example in prisons) or simply the freedom of media guaranteed? Or are demonstrations always allowed??

    Marco EBERT, Zürich/Switzerland

  4. Independence is required. The Chinese Corruptive Governmental Status, or I should say, the CCP Imperial Empire is nothing more than a modernized dynasty striving for modern power in the modern world with a dictative progression plan. Fail, as it always will, the CCP do not understand but insist on making the same mistake over and over. Hong Kong was a great place, now, it has been ruined. It is on the brink of destruction. All that has been said here, is highly supported, with the exception of the Hong Kongese and Hong Kongese Dialect. Other than that, Mainland China… On second though, Taiwan deserves the name “China.” Mainland from now on will be namely called, CCP Mainland. China is referred to Taiwan. Anywho.. Other than that, CCP Mainland is a corruptive government that fails to incorporate any compassion to its people. The CCP are animals, and it is time for the animals to be put down. World, stop ignoring this. The wild animal will bite you in the back if you keep ignoring. Put down this wild animal before it swallows us whole.

    CCP burn in Hell, you damn corruptive animals!

  5. Satire or not, at least this blog gimme an opportunity to root for the independence of HK from China.

    Only through independence will the hands of us and our chiildren be cleaned of the bloods of the Tibetans, Uyghurs and other peoples suffered at the hands of the Chinese.

  6. Bullshit. Hong Kong needs independence. Sure, it sounds crazy. You know what sounds more crazy? Becoming the HKSAR. The only reason I think this is ironic, is that HK is suffering from China, and HK’s education etc has gotten worse. With the CCP eating away its rights, history, fame, etc, HK won’t be anything. Like I always say.

    Hong Kong Special Administrative Region:
    HKSAR, is only ONE LETTER, away from HKSARS. Don’t let the “S” Appear. Stop the CCP from destroying HK. Hold the damn Independence Referendum, before even cirtisizing this movement, or act. Do the poll, see what the Hong Kong’ers want. after WW2, HK never had a chance to tell the world what they want, and the British poured their troops in to claim it. HK didnt even want to be handed over to China, but had no choice, it was up to the British. In my opinion, both uses Hong Kong. BUT. The British care about the welfare of Hong Kong and its people. It brought it from ” the *rock* of Asia” to a famed Island, and territory that the world recognizes as a great city. The CCP must be eliminated.



  7. Hong Kong should have the right to secede from China the day New York City has the right to be independent from the United States of America.

    Ha ha ha he he he hu hu hu ho ho ho ho ha aha ha har!

    Anthony – do you even live in HK or are you one of those Chinese diaspora who thinks HK is going to the shitters because the corporate media or your relatives says so?

  8. The “one country, two systems” and “Hong Kong people ruling Hong Kong” promises made by China before Chinese annexation of Hong Kong in 1997 is becoming clearly a lie. The tactic employed by the Beijing regime is to delay the introduction of universal suffrage into Hong Kong as late as possible, that is, until after 2017 and preferably until after 2024. Even if one day Hong Kong is allowed to hold universal suffrage, the candidates runnng election campaigns in Hong Kong will have to obtain approval by China, that is, only pro-Beijing persons are eligible to become candidates running the electrion compaigns. Another tactic employed by China is to brainwash Hong Kong’s youths by teaching patriotic civil education in Hong Kong’s high schools; in this regard, this tatic proves effective, as annual opinions polls held by the HKU indicates that Hong Kong’s youths are becoming more patriotic on an annual basis.

  9. I agree with you that Hong Kong should seek independence from China as it had seen no gain whatsoever other than the influx of Chinese mothers, baby formula grabbers, university seats snatchers, and the rise of rent (up 70% from 2009). Hong Kongers originally had the rights to declare independence according to the U.N. but that has changed when the representative from China in U.N. reject the idea and seek to negotiation with Great Britain instead which yield us the state that we are now in. The Chinese cannot be trust as evident in the way it handles poisoned baby products, enterprise corruptions, and more importantly, the ability to provide a stable life for its people. If the Chinese are so content with their way of lives, why did they bother to come to Hong Kong at all? These people are willing to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars to give birth in Hong Kong and pay a handsome sum to have their children attend a Hong Kong university. The ambition of the Chinese have not only stolen the opportunities that Hong Kong citizens deserves, but they are dragging down Hong Kong through their assumption that we will cater to their culture by speaking Mandarin. When in Rome, do as the Romans do. When in Hong Kong, speak Cantonese. I 100% support the independence for Hong Kong.

  10. HK’er should have seek independence from the British when every colonies were fighting for their own independence. The point is no one wants to be ruled by the British/foreigners! Back in the days HK’er were coward and satisfy with the scrap off the Westerners table. Britain had no intention to grant HK democracy. None did they have any interest to know who you are, they are only ruling HK for monetary gains and access to resources in Asia. HK’er, you had your chance to fight the British and gain independence. But you blow it. China is many times stronger than Britain. How much blood are you willing to shed for a cause that can’t be won!! HK’er should be ashamed to abuse the new found freedom that China had grant you. Stop being foolish and work within the system!

    1. It’s so ironic that the PRC his mismanaged HK SAR to the point where people are now clamouring for independence and waving the old Hong Kong colonial flag to protest PRC mismanagement.

      The SAR was supposed to prove to Taiwan that rejoining the PRC would be a good thing and that their fears are unfounded. Instead, PRC misrule of HK SAR proves that Taiwan is better off as it is. HK people are screwed by the British but more intensely gang-raped by Mainland Chinese communists

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