Why Fifth Gear, Why?!

The new series of Fifth Gear has hit a new low:

The show is now “hosted” by Vicky Butler-Henderson along with a new Tim Lovejoy and Johnny Smith.  Jason Plato has not returned for this series while John Bentley, Tiff Needel, and Tom Ford remain to do reviews and reports.  The show’s “office” has moved to a cafe for some reason and they have added a segment called “Wreck my Ride”.  It was even worse when they changed the show’s theme song to some watered down ambient techno instead of the edgier sound from past series.

I don’t like how the Fifth Gear producers are making such a sad attempt to mimic Top Gear.  Part of the reason why Fifth Gear has been largely successful is because A) they are on a separate time slot from Top Gear, B) they are more informative than Top Gear and C) the show actually has qualified racing drivers giving reviews.  There are viewers who actually watch both Top Gear and Fifth Gear such that they watch Top Gear on the BBC on Sunday night then watch Fifth Gear on Five on Monday.  Now that Richard Hammond is in long and grueling process of recovery, I am extremely disappointed that Fifth Gear has dumbed down their show instead of retaining elements that worked for in the first place.

Based on the two episodes I have seen:

1. Relocating to the cafe was an idiotic move when the office emphasised the informational aspect of the show

2. Tim Lovejoy does not seem to be of any use other than being a male counterpart to the charismatic Vicky Butler-Henderson

3. “Wreck a Car” is extremely retarded and can only improve if they destroy cars using assault weapons or explosives

4. That random old bloke called David is quite disturbing

5. Fifth Gear has alienated their fan base by making such a sad attempt at mirroring Top Gear

Hopefully they will make the necessary corrections in the show’s format for the next series of Fifth Gear as they have in the past.


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