Facebook is Ruined.

On October 1st, Facebook was made public of the Internet masses.  No longer was it restricted to social networks that originated from High Schools, Universities and Corporations.  The program was public and anyone can register, which seemed like a great idea as I was able to get some old friends into Facebook.  However, there have been their fair share of problems with creeps, pedophiles, racists and idiots.

It seems that Facebook has attracted some right-wing Japanese nationalist otakus who have been harassing anyone who has been actively posting on Korean Facebook groups.  I just happened to be in a group that believes Dokdo is Korean and because of this I am branded a Chosun and a recipient of racist messages from a “Joe Shimizu” from Ohio State.  Many of his messages consist of links pulled from Japanese nationalist websites insulting Koreans such as claiming they are copycats, thieves and a nation of lawless goons.  He liberally uses the word Chosun to describe Koreans in the manner a pro-Confederate Southern American uses the “N-word” to describe African-Americans.

There have been measures by concerned members of these Facebook groups.  They have reported many of his messages to the moderators and the best they did was erase all of his racist posts from those groups, but that won’t stop the harassment of racist messages directly to the group members (as I have found out).  Ironically, this Joe kid formed a “Takashima Issue” facebook group and spammed nearly every major Japanese Facebook group, but failed to get any members other than himself.  It good to know that no sane Japanese person would even consider associating themselves with such a person and with such views.  Also, it gives the impression that this kid does not have any Facebook friends since he can’t even get them to join the group he created.

I have been active in many Chinese groups and groups concerning Taiwan Province, but I have never received such hostility from the opposition.  Many Taiwanese group members in those groups are civil and attempt to make counterarguments, sometimes with valid points.  I have never received any empty threats or personal attacks from any of those members nor from supporters who have felt I was too moderate on certain issues either.

Facebook needs to strengthen their security, privacy and TOS controls if they are to be successful now that they are public and open to all of the Internet masses.


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