“Nuclear Launch Detected”

It was actually an underground nuclear explosion in Gilju, Chosun at around 13:35 GMT. Not surprisingly, most of the world condemned the DRPK’s decision to achieve nuclear capability. While the United States, Japan and South Korea are downplaying the DPRK’s nuclear capability, Russia is claiming that their bombs are on par with those dropped in Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

It came not long after Abe and u Jintao issued a joint statement discouraging North Korea from achieving nuclear capability. Now, it is only wise for Abe to become more pragmatic than before. We all know Kim Jong-Il is a crazy man who played a role in kidnapping Japanese citizens to train North Korean agents. This was the same man who has concentration camps and spends nearly 25% of his country’s GDP on the military.

As Prime Minister Abe promised to overhaul the American Constitution to give Japan a bigger role in the region and to be tough on China and North Korea. However, he was smart enough to take strong action in mending fences with South Korea and China.

Knowing that Kim Jong-Il is the absolute ruler of North Korea, it would be unwise for either Abe or Bush to give him any excuse to attack Japan. Japan seems to be a good target for Kim Jong-Il because e is self-conscious of his image so he could not live with the idea of nuking his South Korea and it would be unwise to attack China (who has superior nuclear weaponry).

With that said, Japan would be the best country for Kim to attack because of historical tensions and because many of his past missle tests have been squarely aimed at Japan. What this means for Abe is that his government must not resort to rash actions that would give Kim Jong-Il an excuse to attack Japan such as:

Visiting the Yasukuni Shrine
Amending the American Constitution
Developing nuclear weaponry
Claiming Dokdo as Takeshima
Extending further sanctions on the DPRK

Bush is also a loser because it proves that he diverted America’s resources to the wrong places and this recent event proves that anyone can tell America to “Go Fuck Themselves” simply by acquiring and publicly testing nuclear weapons. If Bush really wanted to take out rogue states containing “Weapons of Mass Destruction” he would have attacked unilaterally attacked North Korea and let China, Japan and South Korea to collectively clean up the mess. Instead, the Bush Administration chose to adventure into Iraq in the name of ridding the world of a nominal tyrant of WMDs, but really to acquire strategic natural resources and regional dominance in the Middle East. North Korea’s nuclear test was a day the Americans would have never imagined and come so soon at a time when the US economy is being tested, money and lives are being sacrificed into a bottomless pit called Iraq, and America’s goodwill with her neighbours is at a low point.

The Russians have very little concern over the DPRK other than pretending to be a world power through the Six Power talks and trying to exert what little influence it has on the region. At this point their intelligence sources are willing to tell the world what it needs to hear: North Korea has bombs that rival those used in World War II and it’s going to be a major problem in the coming days.

China’s credibility is in tatters as it is unable to control its North Korean ally. At this stage, all they have done is issue a strong condemnation of the nuclear test and reports claim their Politiburo is divided on how to handle the situation. One faction wants to work with the United States and ROK in taking the North out of commission while the other wants to just increase the level of sanctions imposed on the country.

The ROK’s credibility is also shattered because this proves the ultimate failure of their “Sunshine Policy”. The South has promoted inter-Korean trade, cultural exchanges and was willing to turn a blind eye to DPRK human rights abuses all in the name of “Tongil”. Sadly, the North has not reciprocated all this South Korean goodwill and instead continued operating as they always did. I seriously hope Hanaradang wins the upcoming elections and sweeps those Uridang bastards out of power.

Japan is both screwed and strengthened through this incident. First, Japan is screwed because they are now potential victims of a nuclear attack from the North and Abe must thread lightly as to not anger any of Japan’s neighbours who can only help Japan out of this problem. However, Japan now has the perfect excuse to achieve nuclear capability despite this idea not going well with much of the Japanese population.

If Japan does go nuclear, it’s going to create a regional nuclear arms race such that:

South Korea attempting to go nuclear to protect themselves from both Japan and the North
Taiwan Province making another attempt to achieve nuclear capability to fend off a Chinese invasion
Australia going nuclear to protect regional stability and to deter hostile states through MAD

If this does happen, Koreans can launch and detect nuclear missiles outside of StarCraft. In all seriousness, Kim Jong-Il has told the entire world to collectively “Fuck Themselves”. Something needs to be done before it gets worse. Diplomacy has failed miserably and it can only get worse if the regional powers continue stalling for a final solution against Kim Jong-Il.


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