Good Times at Palisades Mall

I would like to say that New Jersey does suck and it’s limiting my life experiences. Today’s trip to the palisades has been planned for the past 2 weeks although there was some difficulty getting to the meeting point for the drive up to Rockland county. Much of the day was spent exploring the mall with its many restaurants and stores. Unfortunately, there was no time to watch movies since we made it there at such a late hour, but Jehangir, Willmon and I were able to enjoy the rest of the night at Dave & Busters playing interactive arcades games, which involved the new Time Crisis 4, House of the Dead 4 and Sega World Derby.

The horse racing game was quite addictive and we got a head start when someone accidentally entered in 2 free games into the game. It involved first breeding two horses and cultivating that horse to become a strong racer by improving its stats. We had the honour of naming our horse “Kekekekekekeke” and gave it a focus on tenacity, spurts and competitiveness.

Movie I did get a chance to see prior to the trip up Palisades were “An Inconvenient Truth” and “Death of a President”. An Inconvenient Truth is a documentary of Al Gore’s lecture of his book “An Inconvenient Truth” to universities as well as a discussion of the events that changed the would-be President’s life. Many of the points he presented on the issue of global warming were intriguing, but it only served to reinforce my views on the issue while his discussion of personal events were insightful.

Death of the President on the other hand was a fictional documentary set on October 17, 2007 that traces the assassination of George W. Bush and its consequences. Individuals interviewed for the documentary were a former White House aide, a secret service official, a former FBI investigator, and the prime suspects. Some interesting points of the documentary:

*Protestors were against Bush on the ongoing problems in Iraq and were fearful of military strikes on North Korea
*The protesters at that point were becoming increasingly militant and extremely hostile to Bush than before
*George W. Bush was portrayed in a very positive light in this documentary
*The President made his final speech in Chicago, which erupted when police started attacking rioters, mirroring the riots in the 1968 Democratic National Convention
*Bush’s assassination mirrored the images of Reagan’s shooting
*Newly sworn-in President Cheney was obsessed with linking Bush’s assassination first with Al-Qaeda and Syria
*An Arab who was at the wrong place at the wrong time was blamed and evidence proving his innocence was ignored
*Syrian exile groups started making outlandish claims to get US sentiment to attack Syria
*Strong provisions were added to the USA PATRIOT ACT as the result of Bush’s assassination
*The documentary ends implying that someone in the Bush Administration leaked classified information to allow for the assassination to occur


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