Trip to the Mall

It was a rather uneventful day during my time at the Menlo Park mall today as I was able to get a very nice wool jacket and an iPod armband.  I noticed many of the products and clothes I was looking for was not on sale this week, but window shopping is just as fun.  From the Sony Store, I learned that have at least 8 $600 units in stock, all PS3 games will cost at least $60 and their PS2 adapter will start at $20.  So it looks like the games will cost at least 10% of the system and now I am once again thinking about gettin an Xbox 360 again…

Later took mother to eat dinner at the nearbt Woojeon restaurant for her.  Later got home and caught a very interesting documentary of Unit 731’s role in China and the Americans’ attempt to cover the atrocities.

Unit 731 was a secret military medical experimentation unit of the Imperial Japanese Army that researched biological warfare and other topics through human experiments during the Second Sino-Japanese War (1937-1945) and World War II. Kempeitai Political Department and Epidemic Prevention Research Laboratory gives information on its origin.

The unit was disguised as a water purification unit. It was based in Pingfang near the city of Harbin in northeastern China, then part of the puppet state of Manchukuo. Various Eastern and Western sources estimate that between 3,000 and 200,000 Chinese, Korean, Mongolians, Allied civilians and POWs (especially Russian POWs) were directly or indirectly killed by Unit 731’s experiments.

Unit 731 was one of many units used by the Japanese to research biological warfare and is to this day used as a general term to describe the practice. Other units include Unit 516 (Qiqihar), Unit 543 (Hailar), Unit 773 (Songo unit), Unit 100 (Changchun), Unit 1644 (Nanjing), Unit 1855 (Beijing), Unit 8604 (Guangzhou), Unit 200 (Manchuria) and Unit 9420 (Singapore).

The war crimes committed by Unit 731 are but some examples of those the Imperial Japanese Army carried out from their occupation of Manchuria in 1931 to the end of World War II in 1945.

Many of the scientists involved in Unit 731 went on to prominent careers in politics, academia and business. The United States granted amnesty allowing these scientists to go unprosecuted in exchange for their data.


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