That’s the way it is

I have placed a select group of people on limited profile on facebook. It may seem anti-social, but it is a good decision now that they have introduced notes and mini-feeds into the website. Knowledge is power and power is knowledge and that is something I cannot allow for certain individuals. There was not much happening at work other than the typical scheduling and admin work while the gym was tiring after I found out I had lost some muscle mass due to focusing on working out certain parts over others.

I bumped into Nirav Patel at the mall yesterday, who is also working at Deutsche Bank alongside my roommate Vince and Neelesh. He seems to be in relatively good shape and in good spirits. It’s good to know that I am still on good terms with many JP alums in spite of all the cutthroat competition and hostility due to clique mentality.

While Prison Break has been on a two-week hiatus, nothing new has popped up on their website. Why did Sucre have to become this season’s new resident asshole over T-bag? On the other hand, Fifth Gear is still sucking because of their recent format change despite the fact that Jason Plato really did return for this season. The new segments where they teach celebrities how to drive, checking out car fashion and destroying rides are just not cool and pale in comparison to the stunts Top Gear performs. Fifth Gear should stick with being as un-Top Gearish as possible to set themselves apart and to cultivate a fanbase that just wants practical, fun car reviews, insightful and violent consumer reports, and other stories relating to the automotive world. Also they can differentiate themselves by virtue of having little to do with that oaf Jeremey Clarkson and for having valuable information in each of their episodes.


One thought on “That’s the way it is

  1. just so you know, Alex Vayner is not an Uzbek name. It’s like to say John Smith is a Chinese

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