Prison Break Season 2, Episode 8

It was a cheap trick by Michael and Sucre to pocket most of the money away from T-Bag. It was a relief that Sucre is still the cool one and not a prick in spite of all the reverse psychology by that cop. However, Sucre stole the wrong pack, which allowed T-Bag to slip out of the house unnoticed with the $5 million. However, Michael and Sucre managed to get $5000 and are trapped in the town as police begin searching for them. They manage to after getting themselves out of a river and the episode ends with Sucre learning his girl rejected Hector.

Meanwhile, Lincoln has made his way down to Arizona to get LJ and avoid detection from the Company. He does this by paying the local druggie to pick a fight with his son, which would send him to the local hospital and give him a chance to finally retrieve him.

Sara, on the other hand was able to get away from the suicide attempt and fight her way out her apartment. She then contacts her father’s aide and gives out her location; only for a poor girl to get caught in a Company drive-by. Scared and realising they are all a part of it she begins cracking Michael’s puzzles and unfortunately she left the last crane at home.

T-Bag got away with all the money and is on his way to get revenge from that woman who turned him in while Belliwick starts tracking him down. All this happens while Mahone is getting grilled by Internal Affairs but is stopped by the Company. In this episode we learn that Mahone is a trained operative who quickly rose in the Company’s ranks for being a killer and is also serving under Kellerman under orders to kill all the Fox River escapees.


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