Good Times at Halloween Party

Woke up today at 2:00 PM after a much-needed sleep from a long week at work.  Much of what remained of the day was spent watching channel surfing on the newly installed digital cable system.  One notable show was on PBS hosted by the author of “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” called Rich Dad’s Guide to Wealth with Robert Kiyosaki.  In it he makes the following points:

1. Start managing your finances with a balance sheet

2. Think of Assets as anything that provides passive income

3. Think of Liabilities as anything that removes income

4. Measure wealth in the amount of funds that will sustain you for a period of time

5. Ensure your expense are less than your incoming income

He also makes a point that 401(k) and Social Security will not help upon retirement.  Most of his advice is information every conscious individual should know and the bulk of the programme did not give any concrete advice on security wealth.  He insinuated that investing in real estate instead of equities, savings and bonds is much better than diversifying, which is just retarded in my opinion.  It appears that much of his recent success is motivating people to change their way of using money and cleverly using whatever channels to market his ideas such as a PBS seminar for one.

I then saw another advocacy documentary titled  “America: From Freedom to Fascism” question the legality of the federal income tax.  The documentary first explores the history of the federal income tax and talks with individuals that are against the income tax, who point out that there is no explicit law defining income or enforcing an income tax.  The findings in this documentary imply that it is voluntary to pay a federal income tax and it is not illegal to not file a 1040.  The movie then goes on about how the Federal Reserve System is actually controlled by an anonymous network of private American banks that produce money for the federal government for a fee, which is repaid through the federal income tax.  Then somehow, this documentary goes on to talk about National IDs destroying what little privacy remained for Americans and that the Federal Reserve System is a stepping stone for private bankers to achieve their quest of a One World Government.

With both programmes in mind, I will make it an effort to free myself from debt and ensure that private bankers will not control me by achieving financial independence.

The Halloween party came on really short notice when I received a message from Steven about it.  Made my way to New Brunswick where I saw Ian, Neelesh, Darren and Steven.  It’s been a while since I saw those guys since the last party in July.  Unfortunately, by the time I arrived they only had Coors light for a keg, and I didn’t know anyone who was there besides them and not even the host knew who some of the party goers were either.  I had a good time overall and it was good to see them.


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