Prison Break Season 2, Episode 9

I’ve said it before and I will say it again: LJ is a moron. In this episode, LJ’s stupidity has first allowed an unsuspecting cashier to ID Lincoln so they had to ditch their Crossfire and later get both of them caught by the Feds. Other things that happen in this episode is Mahone learning about Michael’s secret stash of explosives stashed in the Utah botanical gardens which resulted in Scofield coming close to capture. After his escape he learned from the news that Mahone had killed Tweener and he had full access to his old hard drives. With those pieces of information in mind, Michael went to look up all the dirt he could find on Mahone on the Internet, including his previous addresses, his ex-wife and other information.

After extracting the relevant information on the internet, he visited Mahone’s ex-wife as an FBI agent under the pretext of a background check. From this discussion we learn that Mahone was obsessed with hunting Shales and snapped around mid-June, which forced his ex-wife and son to leave him. Based on the discussion of Mahone obsessively creating a backyard garden, Michael deduces that he had killed Shales and buried his corpse in his own backyard. He then steals the ex-wife’s cellphone and threatens the agent, but not before Mahone tells him he knows his rendezvous point.

C-Note is making a move to get his wife and daughter away from the Feds with help from his posse. After a frantic chase in the carnival and elementary school, C-Note is reunited with his wife and daughter but is uncertain what to do now that they are all on the run. Meanwhile, Sara has finally cracked Michael’s code and took an overnight trip to New Mexico to meet him in Gila.

T-Bag on the other hand, has the $5 million stashed in a bus terminal and plans to take revenge on his ex-girlfriend for turning him. But he arrives to an empty house, whose homeowner moved out the moment he escaped with the others and is met by Bellwick who knocks him out. The former prison then starts torturing T-Bag by stitchings his “bad” hand in the hopes of finding where the money is stashed.

LJ is still an idiot.


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