Rutgers Defeats UConn on ESPN HD!!!

OMFG! OMFG! Rutgers defeated UConn again live tonight and it was covered on ESPN HD!  It was amazing watching all the live coverage on my HDTV and seeing the Rutgers Stadium packed with fans.  It was unfortunate that Rice got injured near the end of the fourth quarter but Rutgers managed to win despite all the bold moves by UConn’s Freshman Quarterback.  The first half had Rutgers leading with 17 points with UConn gaining 13 points in the 3rd quarter.  However, Rutgers managed to end the game 23-13 against UConn and they are still undefeated.  It’s amazing what budget cut threats from Corzine and talented players can do for Rutgers Scarlet Knights.

It’s been a slow weekend today overall.  I made an attempt to install the multiplayer pack for FEAR, but the file downloaded form Sierra was damaged as is the demo version of Need for Speed Carbon.  The PS3 is coming out next week, so I will need to keep at least $1k to ensure I have enough to purchase the main console, accessories and launch games.  I honestly believe that Sony will have a shortage just as they did when the PS2 first came out despite the high price points and the lack of compelling launch titles.

I only wished that Dynasty Warriors BB was available in North America and on either the PC or PS3.  It would be nice to play as my own character in an MMO Tactical Action game alongside other players from Asia.  I had downloaded the demo and the game looks quite impressive and it is unfortunate that it is only available in Japan at this time.

I look forward to watching the Borat movie when it comes out this week.


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