Prison Break Season 2, Episode 10

Michael and Sara finally meet up in Gila, New Mexico.  T-Bag was tortured by Bellwick and his sidekick. Lincoln and LJ are brought to meet Lincoln’s father by anti-Company agents.  Mahone is out for Michael’s blood.  Kellerman is in a power struggle with Agent Kim.  Sucre tries to call Maricruz.

Michael and Sara meet up in New Mexico and share a moment but not before being interrupted by Mahone.  He chases the pair down to a run-down factory and Scofield manages to trap Mahone in a fence filled with propane so he could not shoot Michael even if he could.  Michael again asks Mahone to stop chasing them, but Mahone threatens Michael by telling him the only difference between them is he can kill and he will chase him down all the way to Panama if necessary.  After the chase, Sara tends to Micheal’s wounds and leaves him when he’s in the shower only to get caught by Kellerman.

T-Bag is tortured by Bellwick and his sidekick until he gives out the location of the money.  They bash his wounded hand, poke it with a hot rod, but T-Bag manages to make a run for it but not before the locker key is exposed.  Bellwick tries to get it but T-Bag swallows it, so they take him down to a toilet and force feed him prune juice, tobacco, and laxatives. Moments later, T-Bag unfortunately craps out the key and they leave him tied to a radiator but not before Bellwick calls 911.  At the bus terminal, Bellwick and his sidekick get the bag, but his sidekick knocks him out and steals the bag.

Lincoln and LJ are being taken by the local police, but they are knocked off the road by a mysterious van that later turns out to be anti-Company agents.  They then take LC and Lincoln to an undisclosed location in Colorado where they meet up with Lincoln’s father, who tries explaining the Company’s conspiracy to the pair.  However, Agent Kim has an agent in the group and instructs them to kill all the Burrows.

Sucre’s car breaks down and he walks to a nearby gas station.  At the station he gives Maricruz a call, but it is picked up by her idiotic sister Teresa and learns she is going to Mexico using Hector’s planned honeymoon reservations, who begs her to get Maricruz to call him up at 1:00 PM.  Maricruz does call but cops show up to refuel, forcing Sucre to miss the call.  Sucre calls back at another location and leaves a message that Teresa listens to.  However, Hector shows up and is hellbent on finding Maricruz only to learn she left for Mexico.

Next episode previews show Mahone begging Agent Kim to not kill him, Kellerman torturing Sara for Michael’s location, T-Bag freeing himself, and the company infiltrator shooting someone.


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