Things I learned this weekend

So I did attend a gathering earlier last week and I had a great time learning about the issues/goals.  I had disagreements with certain topics discussed but that is my opinion with some misunderstandings.  Many things were not in the said places I thought they were.  That is settled and measures are undertaken to rectify these said misunderstandings.  I also learned that google caches everything, which means they are evil. Google is an evil corporation despite their corporate culture to refrain from developing innovations that would do the most harm to users.
This morning, I watched a FRONTLINE documentary investigating how corporations are exploiting tax loopholes by creating false transactions and corporations to create losses on paper to receive tax deferments.  This has been easier for corporations with the help of accounting firms such as KPMG, banks such as Wachovia, and even Congress, which halved the IRS’s budget.  This is even worse for the average taxpayer because they have to pick up at least 15% of the difference made from these corporate tax exemptions and every taxpayer would have gotten at least a greater tax refund if these corporations paid their fair share.

So it looks like Saddam is officially dead and will be sentenced conveniently on the same week as the American mid-term elections.  If anyone was aware of the direction Iraq was going, we would all know that Saddam was already dead the moment he was caught by the Americans.  Even Saddam was aware that he was living on borrowed time and he managed to say what he needed to say in the “Iraqi High Tribunal”, which was just a formality to give the world an official reason for him to die.  Yes Saddam deserved to die to creating all the problems in Iraq, Iran, Kuwait and to his own people.  However, one would say Iraq was relatively better in some areas when he was in charge and there were many other areas that were much better off without him.  Only time will tell how his official death will play out in the new Iraq and if the American electorate is dumb enough to reelect questionable officials because of the death sentence or the random gay scandals that have popped up in the last weeks.


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