The American Mid-Term Elections and Popozao

I am glad Menendez won the senate seat in New Jersey and Cahill is still the mayor of New Brunswick.  I am even more elated that the fucktard known as Donald Rumsfeld, the former Defence Secretary who has never seen combat in his lifetime, has finally tendered his resignation from the Bush Administration.  His stupidity has cost countless American and “coalition” lives in Iraq in addition to countless Iraqi civilian deaths, and his poor management of the Pentagon has led to problems properly providing American troops with the right resources and general misappropriation of taxpayer money dedicated to national defence and Iraqi reconstruction.

Not only did Americans throw away dead weight through yesterday’s elections, Britney Spears also got the courage to lose her loser husband.  As of today, Kevin “K-Fed” Federline, now known as Fed-Ex and broke now that Britney Spears found the will and intelligence to divorce that loser.  Their courtship had started on the wrong foot with K-Fed leaving his pregnant wife to seduce the wealthy singer and it was Britney who was the one who proposed to Federline and even bought her own engagement ring (just sad).  It is safe to say that Fed-Ex will really pull out all the stops to stop Spears from divorcing him and cutting him off from his soon-to-be ex-wife’s bank accounts.  It looks like Fed-Ex has been Popozaoed by a relatively smarter person called Britney Spears.

It also helped that Britney was described and seen to be in good spirits shortly after filing the paperwork and when the news officially broke out in the media.


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