Prison Break Season 2, Episode 11

T-Bag lost his hand again; this time for good. However, he manages to retrieve the money back from Bellwick’s sidekick and kills him in the process.  Sara is being tortured by Kellerman because he believes she knows something about a missing flash drive that her father downloaded from the NSA while Michael is having a guilty conscience after robbing a general store.

The first half of the episode has Michael confessing to a Catholic priest about his past scenes over events that happened in the past 2 seasons.  He later meets up with some Mexican criminals in Bolshoi Booze, which are just coordinates to a meeting place.  The gang does not trust Michael and are aware of his history, but Scofield needs them to get the plane necessary for them to escape to Panama.  To see if Michael lived up to his end of the bargain, the gang leader has Michael’s nitroglycerin he stole from the general store tested, and they find out it is just sugar water.  The gang threatens to turn Michael in just as Sucre barges in and shoots their leader.  Michael and Sucre are again reunited and try to extract information on the plane.  While this is happening, Mahone is able to crack the location of Bolshoi Booze, but not before calling his wife to apologise for everything that has happened.  However, the gang gives Michael the location of the plane after he frees them because the leader was loosing blood.

Lincoln and his father were able to stop the company mole from killing them and Lincoln even manages to threaten Agent Kim when he calls the dead agent up.  They later travel down to Bolshoi Booze to meet up with Michael, who says he recognises Lincoln’s father.

There is really not much going on except for three subplots that will hopefully tie together when Prison Break returns from its mid-season break.  Michael, Sucre, Lincoln and Lincoln’s father will work together to stop the Company conspiracy, Sucre will settle his score with Hector, T-Bag will do something with the money as Bellwick hunts him down, Haywire will do something stupid for comic relief, and Mahone will get killed between now and the end of the second season.


2 thoughts on “Prison Break Season 2, Episode 11

  1. i admire how wentworth miller portrays the character of michael scofield. he gives justice to the character. and him being handsome is really a plus. but the whole story with its twist and turns is amazing. the other characters too are great. i also admire how the actor portrays T-bag. seeing him outsmarting michael sometimes makes me hate the character but admire him at the same time too. i love prison break.

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