Prison Break Season 2, Episode 12

In the second to last episode of the Fall season, Michael finally meets up with his father and we learned that he physically abused him to keep him safe from the company.  However, he dies protecting Michael, Lincoln and Sucre during a shootout with Agent Mahone.  As a result of learning Sara’s importance to the conspiracy, Lincoln and Michael decide to stay while Sucre take the plane to Panama.  Again, this plan is foiled when Agent Mahone learns of their plans from the injured drug dealer and orders Navy reserve jets to shoot down to getaway plane.

Sara manages to escape Kellerman after jumping out of the hotel room, but not without some scars.  She later hides in a restroom where she tries to stitch up her own wounds along the lines of “First Blood”.  Kellerman, on the other hand, is being erased from existence by Agent Kim after he learns that he failed to kill Sara.

C-Note and his family are hiding out in the great outdoors until they realise their daughter needs medication.  He has his wife stop by a local pharmacy to get the medicine, but the pharmacist recognises the wife from the paper and stalls for time to call  the police.  The cops show up and arrest C-Note’s wife by the time she leaves the store.

Bellwick is being held in the local police station on suspicion of murdering his sidekick Gary after the local detective found evidence of a receipt with Gary’s blood under his name.  He tries to tell the detective the truth about the entire situation and suggested that T-Bag planted the evidence but the detective doesn’t believe him.

The episode ends with Mahone intercepting Michael and Lincoln as they were trying to call up Sara.


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