Prison Break Season 2, Episode 13

There were many twists and turns in this episode namely with Kellerman’s defection. First border patrol arrives just in time to thwart Mahone from killing Michael and Lincoln. After they are caught, both Scofield and Lincoln are placed under police custody before getting transported back to Fox River, which now has a new warden. After seeing the news, Agent Kim starts putting pressure on Mahone to kill the two brothers or his family is in danger. Around the same time, Kellerman calls up Kim with a plan to kill the two brothers in return for getting his life back, which Kim reluctantly agrees to.

Meanwhile, Sucre and his pilot are forced to parachute from the plane as it was about to get shot down by an American jet. However, only Sucre survives the jump to the Sonora desert in Mexico. On the other hand, T-Bag is able to secure a prosthetic arm and woos a postal worker in hopes of getting the address to the woman who turned him to the police. Apparently, T-Bag really did care for this woman but was forced to kill her when she discovered his true identity. His storyline ends with him confronting the woman who turned him in at her new home.

Bellwick is being sentenced to 25 years to prison based on a recording of his angry rant and from the plea bargaining done by his defence lawyer. The former prison guard agrees to the sentence as long as he can serve time in his old workplace believing he will receive preferential treatment. However, the new warden decides to make an example of Bellwick by making him Avocado’s cellmate.

Sara cut her hair using razorblades and has gone “off the grid” upon learning of the brothers’ arrest. While in transit to Fox River, Scofield and Lincoln’s prison convoy was stopped by a truck accident, with the prison guard conveniently leaving the keys for them. While aware that this is part of a death trap, the two brothers decide to escape anyway with Mahone gunning for them. Just as they are about to reach the surface of the escape route, they are both confronted by Kellerman and Mahone. Kellerman then kills Mahone and offers to help Michael and Lincoln expose the truth as the “Inside Man” because they were both screwed by the Company.

Prison Break is back on the air on January 22 with previews showing Kellerman helping the duo because of their mutual hatred of the Company, Lincoln distrusting Kellerman after learning he was responsible for killing witnesses and his ex-wife, Bellwick fighting inmates in Fox River, as well as the Kellerman, Michael and Lincoln, going after the man Lincoln “murdered”.


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