Corean Nationalists = Idiots

Why are Corean Nationalists so obsessed with crediting Koreans and only Koreans for everything in their history despite evidence of involvement from other groups? Is it because the Imperial Japanese did such a stupendous job at burning most of their national treasures, monuments and history books that forces the Korean nation to overcompensate to the point of retarded revisionism? I spell Corean with a C to differentiate from normal Koreans.

Well, there is that entire dispute over Gaogouli between the ROK and China. This dispute stems from the fact the PRC is making an effort to first restore historic Gorguyeo monuments and artifacts, and promote the idea that Gorguyeo is a non-Chinese kingdom in ancient China. It sounds harmless in theory, however Koreans do not want one of their ancient Korean kingdoms to have anything to do and they have serious issues with China’s assertion that Gorguyeo was only connected to modern-day Korea in terms of history because of evidence that the Gorguyeo language is unrelated to the Korean spoken and promulgated by Shilla and recent studies indicated a connection with the Old Japanese language. The fact that China argues that Gorguyeo are not ancient Koreans ticks the average Corean nationalist off because it implies that the modern Korean nation was actually formed upon the unification by Shilla and was only influenced by Gorguyeo.

Part of the root of this dispute stems from disputed Korean territory. During the early 20th century, Japan, which had all but reduced Korea to a protectorate at that time, promoted the false idea that their protectorate extended beyond the Yalu River up to the Tumen River in northeastern China to claim economic concessions in that region. They kept promoting the idea that this region was actually the Jiandao (Gando) region that makes up Korea and only withdrew such claims when China offered economic concessions in northeast China, which was formalised in the Gando Convention. However, a good number of Corean nationalists believe that Gando does exist and it should be reintegrated with the rest of Korea. Nonetheless, Corean nationalists vary on the size of Gando; with some calling for the areas beyond the Tumen River while others claim Gando stretches from Northeastern China to what is now the Russian Far East.

It’s not too surprising that the PRC would begin taking measures to reinforce their claim on the region with rising Corean irredentism. Some Corean nationalists would argue that ethnic Koreans are already living in China but they should be reminded that these Koreans originally immigrated to those regions to escape Japanese Imperial rule and are not native to those regions. On a related note, Coreans often call for lands populated with ethnic Koreans to be integrated into a Greater Corea, however these ethnic Koreans who emigrate to the ROK are often treated as third class citizens, if not foreigners (North Korean defectors are second class citizens).

Another issue of note is historical revisionism by Corean nationalists themselves. They accuse China of historical revisionism yet they are not blameless either. Apparently, there is a growing viewpoint that the US is the cause of the Korean War and for the almost half-century long division of the Korean peninsula. These bastards suggest the peninsula should have been reunified under the North because their power structure was run by individuals who were noted anti-Japanese fighters and the South were just American puppets. They also claimed that South Koreans were actually cheering when the North Korean army occupied Southern territory, shut down all commerce, and forcefully conscripted all males to fight for their cause…Right…

Never mind that it was the North who started the war on June 25th and American intervention (with token UN aid) was the reason the South was never reunified under Kim Il-Sung. Also, forget that joint ROK-UN-USA forces actually worked together to reunify the Peninsula before they were thwarted by the China’s Peoples’ Volunteer Army and the Soviet Air Force. I am sure these Corean nationalists will be filled with 250% of “Corean Prydez” when they wake up to a Korea where three generations of their family can be sent to a concentration camp for dissent, work only to keep the power structure well-feed, and most of all eat tree bark or humans to stay alive. So the Corean nationalists blame the United States for their excellent quality of life, for having a liberal democracy, for the free market economy, and for dedicating a contingent of soldiers to mantain their right to be idiots and keep them from being overrun by the North just because they didn’t reunify? What a bunch of narrow-minded cunts.

In addition to revising modern day history, Corean nationalists also sought to downplay foreign involvement in their history. During the Seven-Year War in East Asia, the Ming Dynasty intervened to keep the Korean Yi Dynasty from being overrun by the Japanese forces led by Hideyoshi who had the goal of invading China through Korea. In this war, China sent a contingent of around 130,000 soldiers originally stationed to guard the frontier from Jurchen attacks to help the Koreans push back the Japanese invaders while Yi Sunshin and his navy destroyed the Japanese invasion fleet. Historically, it seems that Korea is a great launching point to invade China as seen in World War II and this is partly the reason why China entered the Korean War (for fear of being invaded by the US). To make a long story short, the Ming and Chosun dynasty won the war and Tokugawa took over Japan after overthrowing Hideyoshi.

Now, there is rising sentiment from Corean nationalists that they were the ones who did all the work during the Seven-Year War. First, they claim only through Korean historical accounts that all the Chinese soldiers did was whore, drink and fled battles. They also place most, if not all, the credit on Admiral Yi Sunshin for driving the Japanese invaders out of Korea. Forget about the cost to the Ming Dynasty; the Jurchens were able to invade the China because Chinese troops were too busy dying for Koreans that would later label them as cowardly womanisers and drunks to overcompensate for Japanese colonial rule.

On a personal level, these Corean nationalists will often converse to non-Koreans in an extremely patronising tone with the assumptions that we non-Koreans are always ignorant of Korean affairs regardless of our credentials. There is this one Corean organisation called VANK that does nothing except scour the Internet for any so-called “inconsistencies” in Korean history or culture and then summons random Korean netizens to email complains to that website in question. Other Corean groups blame the United States for all their problems and portray North Korea as just a blameless victim of American greed.

It would not surprise me if these modern-day Corean nationalists are formed from ignorant overseas Koreans who have a need to overcompensate for their ignorance of Korean culture/history, Koreans who don’t realise how good they have it compared to their elders, or just idiots who are being influenced by North Korean sleeper agents.


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