The Celebrations!

I turned 24 yesterday, and I am near the end of the first quarter of my life. I can’t go on living as I did in the past by not coming to terms with my past experiences for better or for worse.

Wednesday:  Ate out for dinner with my Dad yesterday for my birthday at Red Lobster and ended the night watching Robert DeNero’s “Ronin”

Thursday: I went out with Kathleen, who treated me for dinner at Shanghai Park. Unfortunately, Scott decided to call in, being the asshole that he is, and then it hit me. No matter how many times, I tell Kathleen about the situation, the chain of events from it and how I felt about it; none of it will really sink into her. She will just cut off contact and call me up the following week. She either does not care or holds back from critical thinking; I want to believe it’s the latter as she did take me out for my birthday.  Nonetheless, we had peking duck, some dumplings and hung around the area.  While walking around the Rite Aid, I think I saw a Hasebe Takuya and some Japanese kid buying alcohol for their upcoming “celebrations”

Friday: Office colleagues decided to treat me out for drinks to celebrate my 24th birthday at the local Harvest Moon dinner.  It was a fun happy hour and I managed to make it home in one piece.

Hide told me he recently had an exciting video conference with Ted and the others. I wished him the best, and told him I consider the others he listed as my enemies.


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