The Weekend Festivities!

A slight hangover on Saturday from Friday’s night out with my co-workers.  That day was spent shopping for a digital camera, ideally looking for a Nikon, Canon, and Panasonic.  I was interested in getting a Sony until they informed me that they can only take Memory Sticks for storage.

Sunday, was spent with Willmon and Jehangir at Menlo Mall, where they treated me for lunch at the Rainforest Cafe.  It was actually our first time eating there and I thought I saw one of my coworkers eating there with his family.  Willmon got me a very nice gift card to the iTunes store while Jehangir treated me to some very nice birthday dessert called “The Volcano”.  The rest of the day was spent shopping around Menlo and the Woodbridge malls.  I managed to try out the Wii playing the Excite Truck game using the Wiimote and it’s unfortunate that they are out-of-stock.  All the stores needed was my credit card and driver’s licence and I was set to demo the Wii.  The new Nintendo has won me over and it would be great if they kept making better games to take advantage of the Wiimote functions.

I also gain interest in those new Heeley shoes that have wheels at the back.  However, they retail starting at $50 USD.


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