Taiwan belongs to Taiwanese!

Taiwan belongs to Taiwanese!

By Winston King

While surfing the Internet, I came across a pro-Chinese article written by a so-called “Chinese nationalist” about Taiwan being anti-Chinese. Since when is supporting the idea of independence such a bad idea? Before I answer that question, I must clarify several misconceptions about Taiwan and her people.

First, the Taiwanese are not Chinese! We Taiwanese are a distinct race and culture just like Koreans. To make a simple analogy, we Taiwanese are Germans as the Chinese are Russians. We have our own language called Taiwanese, and our own cuisine. While it is true that we use Chinese characters or kanji like Japan, we are currently working on abolishing them for an alphabet-based writing system because the Chinese imposed kanji on us and because the Taiwanese language cannot be truly expressed with kanji.

Second, Taiwan has the legal right to be independent. In April 17, 1895, China ceded Taiwan to Japan in perpetuity in the Treaty of Shimonoseki, which means Taiwan is free from China forever! In addition, the Article 2, section b of the 1951 San Francisco Peace Treaty states: “Japan renounces all right, title and claim to Formosa and the Pescadores.” This means that Japan no longer claims the right to Taiwan, and it does not give our country to China at all. Most of all, the San Francisco Treaty does not nullify the Treaty of Shimonoseki, which means that Taiwan is still technically independent from China in perpetuity.

Third, Taiwan has suffered enough from Chinese Nationalist (Kuomintang) colonization! In February 28 1947, the Chinese secretly sent troops to occupy Taiwan, which rounded up and executed an entire generation of leading Taiwanese figures, students, lawyers, and doctors, which totaled about 50,000 to 75,000 people. What happened afterwards was 50 years of martial law, where thousands were arrested, imprisoned, tortured, and murdered by the Kuomintang’s secret police, or “White Terror” as Taiwanese knew it. The Chinese then continued to oppress us Taiwanese by banning the use of our language, using revisionist history books that claimed Taiwanese were Chinese, and most of all indoctrinated us to support the corrupt Kuomintang, or the ruling Chinese party in Taiwan.

Martial Law was finally dropped in 1987, and a Taiwanese party, the DPP was allowed to run for elected office. It was not until 1991, under Iwasato Masao (Chinese-imposed name: Lee Teng-Hui), our first Taiwanese President, that Taiwan began to make major strides towards democracy, culminating with the removal of the Chinese from power and in the first democratic election in 1996. However, it was not until the year 2000 that Taiwan finally received a pro-Taiwanese candidate in power, Tan Chui-pin (Chinese-imposed name: Chen Shuibian).

Now with Taiwanese finally in control and again masters of their own homeland, we can begin to develop a true Taiwanese identity. We can no longer be ashamed of celebrating our cultural links with Japan, we can celebrate the Treaty of Shimonoseki in public without any fear, and most of all we can finally free ourselves from the Chinese through independence. There are those who say that China will invade if Taiwan is officially independent, but I say to them “Bring it on!” We know that America will protect us because they have always protected Taiwan from the communists during the Cold War and during our first election in 1996! America has made it a federal law to protect Taiwan in the Taiwan Relations Act of 1979 and if they do not do their duty, our Japanese counterparts are willing to aid our cause.

As a Taiwanese nationalist, I will fight to my last breath against the billions of Chinese who will attempt to “liberate” my country. Furthermore, my fellow nationalists and I also plan to commit terrorist attacks on major Chinese landmarks such as the Great Wall and Shanghai, if they choose to invade. The right to independence is a right that belongs to the Taiwanese and self-determination is a human right. I hope readers of this article will understand that we, the Taiwanese, have every right to a free country as America does.


3 thoughts on “Taiwan belongs to Taiwanese!

  1. Yeah, “fight to my last breath”. Prey tell where are you? Do you think EVA will fly in to war zone?

    Go back to Taiwan and put your neck on the line, not this boiling blood stuff while far away sitting in safety.

    Before you go back to Taiwan, you might want to look up all the signatories to Cairo and Potsdam. When you are back in Taiwan, look up the 1952 Sino-Japan peace treaty.

    After all, ROC’s underlying sovereignty can not be affected by San Francisco Trety, since ROC isn’t a signatory to it. Did Annette Lu forgot to tell you this?

  2. There is no such thing called ” Taiwanese”. Taiwan and Taiwanese are Chinese. Taiwan language and culture are Chinese. You cannot compare Korea with Taiwan. Koreans have fought 5 thousand years not to become Chinese, Mongols, Japanese, Russian, even American whereas Taiwanese are all mixed plate with China, Japan, Korea, Mongolia, America, and Russia. There is big historical and cultural differences between Korea and Taiwan.

  3. Winston King is either a troll or a brainwashed running dog who clearly has a clouded understanding of history. Rather than pick apart everything flatly incorrect about his tirade, pointing out the truths will be a far more brief affair: the “Taiwanese” are only a distinct race and culture if we use this term to refer to the pre-Qing aborigines (who currently constitute 2% of the island’s population). The consequent assertion that Taiwan’s indigenous minority represents the culture of the entire country is as absurd as claiming that the various Native American cultures represent that of the United States, or the Ainu in respect to Japan. Ponder that.

    As with the “Intelligent Design” debate here in the US, I don’t mind if you want to live in your bubble of fantasy, but to spread this filthy propaganda to the younger, more impressionable generation is tantamount to undermining the proliferation and preservation of traditional Chinese culture worldwide. Please take your untenable beliefs to the grave.

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