I’m Leaving New Jersey!

In about 5 hours, I will have to make to Newark airport for my flight to Toronto, which is my much needed vacation to visit my mother. I have purchased a digital camera, some winter clothes from that Japanese Gap, and contact information to get in touch with some friends in the area.

It looks like my sister has again screwed me over by bringing my father along and almost duped me into sharing a hotel room with him. It’s so sickening that I can’t even trust my family these days. I will make the most out of this and deal with them in my own way.

Kathleen called the other day to let me know she finished her exams. I told her I was leaving the country for the entire week. I doubt this will matter since she will be with her scott for most of the month anyway. She really does take me for granted: drops contact for 2 weeks and then resumes it as if nothing has changed….sigh

It’s always good to leave New Jersey.


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