I have returned

Work was rather slow despite the fact I am in charge of the department since Chris is on vacation just as I have returned.  The new LG Chocolate my sisters got me is working very nicely although I have to call their tech support to get the PC to mobile connection to work properly.

Saw the James Bond film “On Her Majesty’s Secret Service” tonight and the ending was rather depressing.  Lazenby could have been a decent Bond if he chose to stay with the franchise instead of leaving based on poor advice from his agent.  He did ok for his first and only film since he was able to perform strong action scenes that took advantages of his Australian Special Forces training and martial arts background.  However, he was just not as good an actor as Sean Connery and Kojack who was Blofeld in that film.  It comes to no surprise that he is the least successful and most bitter of the James Bonds.  Despite his lack of fame, he did make it in the real estate market and owns properly around the world so he’s doing ok.

Also saw Rocky 6 earlier last week and it was a fitting end of the character.  It was reported that Stallone wrote Rocky 6 in response to Rocky V and for the need to explore his career through his alter ego.  In the film, Rocky’s wife is dead, his son is an investment banker, and he now runs a restaurant.  However, he is still haunted by his wife’s death from cancer, his son’s inability to assert himself, and becomes interested in boxing after seeing a simulated fight between him and the current boxing champion.  The film ends with a drawn out match that has Rocky barely losing the match and proving to himself, his son and his supporters that he can “make the distance”.  A fitting end to a working class hero.


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