“Living Stereotypes”

I am not a racist, but I see living stereotypes running amok. When I was young, I was taught that stereotypes were wrong and that these groups do not embody these said stereotypes whatsoever. Well guess what? Turns out there are living stereotypes and these same people also happen to be the assholes that people hate. Let’s start with some we are all familiar with.

The White Man. A living White stereotype is generally stupid, culturally retarded and always feels uneasy among non-Whites, particularly “Dangerous Minorities”. They are generally conservative, well-to-do, love to speak for others and are in positions of power. Examples of such people are George W. Bush, and the Mel Gibson.

The “Nigga”. Recently the TV show “The Boondocks” had an episode where Martin Luther King returned from a coma and criticised the African-American community for becoming a society of degenerate “niggaz”. The Black living stereotype is also often discussed in the said television show and comic strip. For those who are uninformed, the Black stereotype is someone who cant speak Standard English, easily gets excited, extremely rude, generally lazy, and tend to play into the White Man’s hands. Some of these people can be seen working in the University dining halls and in crime reports on the news.

The “Model Minority Asian” and the “Azn”. Interestingly enough, there are actually two kinds of living stereotypes for East Asians. One stereotype, known as the Model Minority is actually perpetuated by the White Man, and this stereotype is known for being a straight-laced worker or student, for being extremely arrogant and spiteful, and also for their willingness to always take shit from Whitey.

The second stereotype is known as the “Azn” derived from the term “Azn Pryde”, which is a corruption of Asian pride. This group is known to be extremely thuggish to the point of copying Black stereotypes, have an obsession with riced-up Honda Civics and VTEC engines, and fighting the Model Minority stereotype by being stupid for the sake of “Azn Pryde”. Currently, these two groups at still at odds on who shall be the one true living Asian stereotype.

The Indians. No, not Native Americans, but the Indians from India, the land of plenty. As a new and up-and-coming group, the Indian living stereotype currently emulates the traditional WASP stereotype. Many of these stereotypes are affluent, pro-Business and tend to support the Republican party. However, these same people pride themselves as poseurs by listening to Hip-hop, play basketball, and often pretend to be “gangstaz” even though they were born and bred in wealthy suburbs. Most of all, they are known to be amoral and enjoy playing the Race Card to unfairly tip the scales to their favor.


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