Gran Turismo HD on PS3

The PS3 is finally hooked up with HDMI and an optical cable with a 1080 HDTV and 5 speakers. The network is finally up and running no thanks to LinkSys tech support from Bangalore and with help from the Playstation Underground forums. After that was sorted out, I downloaded Gran Turismo HS on my PS3 and began playing.

The demo contained 10 cars, including the new Ferrari GTB599 Fiorano and the usual suspects. It contained a Time Trial mode, which you had to complete to unlock all the available cars and drift mode, and a drift mode to practise drifting. It was at first strange using the wireless SixAxis controller, but it worked quite well for this game. The demo also contained cutscenes showcasing GT HD’s capabilities as well as a teaser for the upcoming Gran Turismo 5, which showcased a Nismo GT-R, a Ford GT, and a Ferrari F430! Most of all, the GT HD demo is compatible with all USB steering wheels, including the logitech and wireless third-party steering wheels.

I recommend all users with the 60 gig PS3 to acquire a more powerful wireless router if you don’t want any problems and with a competent aftersales team.


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