Mel Gibson is a sick man.  This film was supposedly an allegory on declining civilisations and the symptoms that led to their downfall tied with an extended chase scene in the Mexican jungles.  Oddly enough, Gibson was praised by several Hispanic groups for employing Hispanic actors, filming on location and directing a film that supposedly explored pre-Columbian Mesoamerica.  However, once the film was released, archaeologists, anthropologists and several Native American Nations spoke out against the film for being historically inaccurate, extremely violent, and racist against Native Americans.

I found it funny that the Spanish conquistadors shown near the finale were portrayed as saviours to Jaguar Paw from his Mayan oppressors.  For some reason, Gibson always likes to add a villain who is viscious and displays Nazi tendencies.  He also enjoys showing a great deal of blood, several corpses, rape/torture, and presenting young children and demonic imps in this film. One can only image what would happen if Gibson ever got the opportunity to direct a film either about the Holocaust or historical atrocities such as the Inquisition or even the Rape of Nanjing…

This film is given Three out of Five bloody hearts.


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