Fun at Panico’s

Wento Panico’s for dinner with Mike Burger, who just returned from research work in Hungary with Willmon, Salman, Lazlo, and Mike Kazin.  Fortunately, Willmon was able to secure a dining certificate that would reduce our check by $100 if we ordered a minimum of $200 worth of dinner, which we did.  While at Panico’s I learned that Mike had some interesting adventures in Hungary and he was still having trouble with the USD since he spent so long with the Florint.  First, he said he was there during the government riots and some of his friends lived in apartments near the riots, which meant they kept smelling tear gas.  Second, he got lost at the Red Light District one time when he lost the map to the city of Budapest.  He only made it out without getting mugged because he didn’t speak and he was wearing a heavy jacket.   Next, the first thing that happened to him in Hungary was he entered the wrong apartment and got yelled at by some Hungarian woman for 10 minutes.

He finds that there is no anti-American sentiment in Hungary, but he noted that he was being ripped off in Austria when he didn’t pass off as a German.   It was good seeing Mike and the gang back together again after over six months of changes since the last time we celebrated his birthday at Tumulty’s.  I also pre-ordered the Casino Royale BluRay at work today


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