Prison Break Season 2, Episode 15

So, Kellerman may be using the brothers to find Sara, Haywire is still building his raft to Holland, while Sucre is in Mexico looking for Maricruz. It turns out that Bellwick did get his ass kicked by the inmates and we find him recovering in the prison infirmary from the following night.

Michael, Lincoln and Kellerman manage to get out of the motel by first having Kellerman pose as an FBI agent taking custody of the two. Then once they got near a getaway car, they took the cameraman from the local station hostage and drove off. They made the cameraman film footage of them proclaiming their innocence and exposing the truth about the Company and the conspiracy, which was later aired on Fox News. The video also suggested that they were going to meet up with the President in Denver, where she is making an appearance. Additionally, they talked about how Agent Mahone was responsible for the deaths of Tweener, Abruzzi and Oscar Shales.

Mahone is later placed under the watch of Internal Affairs over the allegations in the video. Steadman’s death was covered up by claiming the trio had just killed a random janitor.

However, we later learn from Mahone’s analysis that the video was just a ruse to divert attention with random body language, and coded messages to throw them off while the only real message was to get Sara to meet them in Akron, Ohio. Sara later gives a call to Michael telling him she couldn’t make it and confirms that people are looking for her over a key. During this part of the storyline, Lincoln becomes suspicious about Kellerman wondering if he is using them to get to Sara. This storyline ends with Kellerman getting a call from the President tempting him to sell Michael and Lincoln out.

Sucre is in Mexico taking a bus to Ixtapa to meet his girl. He strikes up a conversation with an old man in the bus and is thrown out when he can’t pay for the rest of the trip. Sympathising with Sucre’s plight, the man offers him a place to stay for the night and enjoys a nice dinner conversation with him. In return for his kindness, Sucre carjacks his Volkswagen Beetle and drives off before getting caught by the police. However, the man covers for him by giving him gas money and telling him to go find his girl and for redemption.

We learn that Haywire may be crazy as a result of growing up with an alcoholic father. The episode starts off with him swimming in a dumpster looking for food and wood until some teenagers ask him to buy them beer. After getting them some beer, he shows them his raft and suddenly becomes edgy when he sees a girl with bruises when he learns they are from his alcoholic father. He offers to help, but she freaks out when he grabs her arm. Haywire later follows the girl home and attacks his alcoholic father just when he was about to hit her.

Other things that happened tonight involved Mahone offering Bellwick a deal out of prison if he helps him hunt down the convicts and Michael learning about Sara’s torture, but not about Kellerman.


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