The Sony Playstation 3 Memory Card Adaptor and Taxes

I finally received my memory card adaptor after getting a copy from  It turns out the merchant had sent me the Japanese version of the adapter, which I was told would not work with my North American memory cards by Playstation customer service.  However, that is just far from the truth as the adapter had no problems reading my PSone and PS2 memory cards and converting all the files for the PS3 internal memory cards.  It’s quite interesting that the bulk of my PS1 memory saves are useless since most of my original PSone games were either imported from Asia or copied(as I later learned from friends and experts) from my unlocked PS1.

However, my Playstation 2 games were intact and played much better on the Playstation 3.  For some reason, my PS3 automatically goes into widescreen mode for all PS2 games even if they are meant to be played on a TV with a 4:3 ratio.  The only gripe I have so far with the backwards compatibility is that Gran Turismo 4 cannot play games on 1080i resolution mode despite having an HDMI input for my PS3 for some reason.  Again, the PS customer service claims that it is because the backwards compatibility emulator on the PS3 is not designed to emulate component cables and because the game does not recognize the HDMI cable.  In any event, let’s all look foward to a future PS3 firmware update that allows PS2 games that can handle 1080i to do so on the PS3.

It seems I have matured in the tax bracket as well.  In the past I would just file a 1040EZ now with 401(k), various expenses, and greater income, I now have to file with a 1040 to maximise my deductions and tax returns.  Some programs that have worked for me are H&R Block’s free TaxCut program, Yodlee’s moneycenter, and even TurboTax.  It is generally recommended to file your Federal income taxes early if you are expecting a return and late if you’re not.  Fortunately, for me I have been able to get a good return so that George W. Bush will not be able to use my tax money this year and waste it all on Iraq/Afghanistan/Defence contracts.


One thought on “The Sony Playstation 3 Memory Card Adaptor and Taxes

  1. Do you ever feel you will have the need to copy saves from the PS3 back to your old PS2 memory cards? Say if you were playing a Madden ’07 dynasty with friends on their PS2s, but needed to load save files onto your PS3 from a PS2 memory card… and then go back again so they could play on their PS2s.

    I ran into this problem, and while I’ve been doing a little looking around, it doesn’t seem possible yet.

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