Super Bowl XLI

The Colts beat the Bears 29 to 17 in a rainy night in Miami.  The rain really made the game interesting, but I was rooting for the Bears to win the entire time and it looked like that was going to happen during the first half.  I am not sure if it because everyone else was rooting for Manning or was it because I still remembered the old Ditka sketches from Saturday Night Live.  Anyway, after Prince’s halftime show, the Colts were able to turnaround the game to their favour and beat the Bears by 12 points.

The commercials that stuck with me the most were the ads, which showed office workers fighting like gladiators with weaponed office equipment and torture for performance evaluations; and the K-Fed ad that showed him daydreaming about his brief success while freeloading on Britney Spears.  Another notable ad were the pet shop animals who were trying to use a real life mouse to surf the Internet…

The Pre-Game show was horrible and didn’t seem to mesh well with the the rest of the game.  It was supposed to be a celebration of Miami and the city’s diverse culture, but the ambient music and random Cirque Du Soleil stunts did little to bring enthusiasm to the coming game.  Someone in this performance, my friend and I were just waiting for them to come out with some pyrotechnics and hard rock, but to no avail.


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