Denmark: I’m not done talking to you.

I survived my performance evaluation on Monday with mostly positive feedback.  Maybe that ad on Sunday on performance evaluations played a role in the respective feedback.  Most of the time at the business lunch my boss and I were talking about Iraq and bashing Bush for his stupidity in addition to his sad attempt at emulating Reagan.   24 Kept getting crazier with James Cromwell killing Jack’s brother and learning that Morris was the engineer the Briton was looking for.

Bumped into Ray Hu at the Mongolian Grill for lunch.  He seems to look the same and still working in Rutgers ResNet as a grad student.  I learned that he was discharged because the Army had no use for his NBC corp and Vista is a piece of shit according to Raymond.  I just learned that he is actually still an undergrad and the last time I saw him was during Spring 03 of my freshman year at Rutgers.

Last week, PCWorld announced that the A: floppy drive is dead and will be replaced by some type of flash memory disk and drive.  Ironically my A: legacy drive died today and I was forced to unplug it and remove it from the BIOS booting cycle.  It would be nice if SD flash won the format war against the memorystick and flash drives


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