Prison Break Season 2, Episode 16

Haywire is dead, Bellwick is out of jail and Kellerman was tempted. The episode begins with Michael, Lincoln reuniting with Sara at a train station. The reunited trio learn of her torture by Kellerman and the magnetic key that got Sara’s father killed. They later confront Kellerman over the torture and he tries to justify the decision by claiming it was under orders and tells Sara not to take it personally. Kellerman tells them that there is an exclusive club in Chicago that has a safe that can only be opened with Sara’s key.

Kellerman later gets several calls from the President, who continues to tempt him to return to the fold. They later get a spot in the Amtrak when Kellerman poses as a Secret Service agent bringing Scofield as a fugitive and taking the conductor into giving them an entire car for the trip, which Lincoln and Sara sneak into. During the long ride to Chicago, Sara suddenly remembers Kellerman’s betrayal and torture and tries to strangle him while Michael was away and Lincoln was asleep. She is later stopped by the pair with Kellerman angry at the attempt on his life and reminding Sara that she is now a part of the conspiracy. The President later gives Agent Kellerman a call on his cell phone and he tells her to meet at Chicago since they are on a train.

After the tense confrontation, Sara goes to spend time alone in the restroom while Lincoln and Scofield question Kellerman’s trustworthiness. Michael later goes to talk to Sara and they begin to have a tender moment before being interrupted by Lincoln, who tells them State Police have placed roadblocks to stop the train. They later decide to hijack the train and to continue course, smashing the police roadblock, before realising they will be caught upon arrival. Therefore, they force 4 passengers to pose as them by jumping off the train and running from the police to divert attention so they can finish their trip to the nearest station.

Once they get to a local stop, they begin searching for a car to steal. Kellerman then gets a call from the President asking for his whereabouts when he suddenly realises that Agent Kim is the only one who has his contact information the entire time and prevented him for getting in touch with the President. He grows suspicious and asks the President what they did on his 35th birthday, and the President tries to change the subject. We later learn that it was actually a female operator impersonating the President with voice changing software asking questions under orders from Kim.

Other events that happened this episode were the following:

T-Bag still has the entire family literally under house arrest to the point of chaining the Susan to her bed and locking the kids in their rooms. Susan informs T-Bag that her neighbour will be stopping by later in the day for a welcoming party and doesn’t want him to hurt her, which T-Bag assures will not be a problem. So the neighbours shows up and T-Bag cooks her some southern food and sends her away. Afterwards, he forces the entire family to pack up and move out of the house.

C-Note is eating with her daughter, who is getting sick from the lack of medicine, at a local diner. However, the entire diner is robbed by a junkie just as they were about to leave. Because he is afraid of being caught by the police he tries to reason with the robber and helps him make the process go smoothly, but later takes him down after he tries to rape on of the hostages. In return for his bravery in the entire robbery, the hostages cover for his actions and help him escape.

Mahone is under orders from Agent Kim to find and kill T-Bag, C-Note and Haywire after a lead came up for Haywire. He is unable to order field agents to find Haywire since all orders have to go through headquarters. As a result, he is forced to cut a deal for Bellwick that would get out of jail as long as he is willing to do his dirty work. After getting out of Fox River, Bellwick finds a pickup trick, with money, an FBI dossier and an FBI badge waiting for him.

Haywire is in trouble for killing the alcoholic father and tries to get his raft ready to leave for Holland. Bellwick manages to catch his trail after questioning the girl who witnessed the killings and finds him in the woods. He then chases Haywire all the way to a farm and he climbs up to a platform where he is trapped. Mahone arrives at the scene and goes up to talk to Haywire but not before taking his drugs. In his drug induced state, he tells Haywire that he won’t have to go to prison, but he can’t go to Holland; he says he understands his situation because he is also in a position where he is not in control, and reminded Haywire that he did kill that alcoholic and his parents. This type of reasoning makes Haywire believe that jumping off the platform was the only way out and Mahone reassures him that it is alright.

The episode ends with Haywire falling to his death and Michael and Sara going together to find answers.

Prison Break returns next week with previews showing Mahone confronting C-Note, Sucre meeting Maricruz, T-Bag contemplating killing the family, and Michael forcing Warden Pope to help him.


6 thoughts on “Prison Break Season 2, Episode 16

  1. you guys are awsome and have the most hottest actors ever and i totaly love your show so rock on!!!!!!

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