Guide to the US and A!

I am on the way to get my N-400 Naturalisation papers processed by getting my fingerprints registers with Homeland Security today.  On my way out they gave me a guide to the citizenship exam that incorporates the new questions.  Some new questions include asking about the purpose of the UN and naming all voting Amendments in the constitution.  Memorisation can be a pain in the ass, this is either an excuse to keep people from being US citizens or to only allow certain demographics to become part of the “America”.

From some interesting research, it appears most Japanese really don’t give two shits about Dokdo/Takeshima.  Those in Japan that do care about the issue are mostly asshole right-wingers that run the government, maladjusted NEETs that fester on 2ch, and non-Japanese Japanophiles who will mindlessly side with the nationalists because of their fanaticism of Japan from their love of their popular culture.  Silly Wapanese/Weeaboos need to stay out of inter-Asian disputes whether they are between Koreans, Chinese or even Taiwanese Provincials…

Actually made it back to work for a half-day, which meant I did not have to sign any paperwork that would cost me a personal/vacation day for future use.   Came back and watched the new Robotech: The Shadow Chronicles that I downloaded yesterday.

I can say that the new Robotech movie was pure crap.  The movie was not self-contained since anyone who forgot or is unfamiliar with the series will have no fucking clue what’s going on.  It does not help that this film was written by Wapanese for Wapanese/Americans in mind.  This would explain all the goofy dialogue, the horrible voice acting, and the numerous cliches that are found in Americanised Anime that is adored by the Weeaboo bastards.

It is true that Mark Hamill lends his voice as Rick Hunter from the original series in this film.  However, his screen time is only limited to about 5 minutes and his character disappears for the rest of the film.  Plotwise, this movie seems to be a rejected pilot for a new Robotech series with its batch of new characters, new enemies, and new “mecha” to appeal to Wapanese of all generations.  This film has actually increased my intolerance towards those Wapanese bastards and their tastes in Japanese animation and popular culture.

If this was an unprotected post, I am sure many Wapanese/Weeaboos would flame me for disliking this movie and even play the race card by claiming I am “anti-Japanese” for hating this film.  To be fair, although this movie was animated by a prominent Japanese animation studio, the story was written by Wapanese for Wapanese along with casting voice actors that are known to butcher English-language dubs.  With that said, this is essentially a dumbed-down Wapanese interpretation of the worst elements of Anime on film.  The only things that even remotely made the new Robotech movie appealing was the animation and hiring Mark Hamill for voicework.


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