Taiwan Province Says the Rape of Nanjing Never Happened



“Rape of Nanking” vanishes from revised Taiwan history textbook

Taipei – The ‘Rape of Nanking,’ an important part of modern Chinese history, has disappeared from Taiwan’s revised history textbook, a newspaper said on Sunday.

The United Evening News said the textbook from one publishing house has ommitted mention of the World War II atrocities committed by the Japanese in China, while the textbooks from four publishing houses only make a brief reference to it.

In Taiwan, the Education Ministry decides the content of school textbooks but the books are printed by private publishing houses.

The ‘Rape of Nanking’ refers to the massacre which began after Nanking, then the Chinese capital, fell to the Japanese troops on December 13, 1937. Japanese soldiers carried out rape, execution, arson and looting in and around Nanking which lasted for six weeks.

China estimates the total death toll at about 300,000. Japan has denied the Nanking massacre took place and some Japanese rightists plan to make a documentary to deny it happened.

Taiwan also revised its high school history textbook last month to show that Taiwan is an independent country, not part of China.

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OK, The bastards in Taiwan Province have gone too far this time. There are those who keep saying that Taiwanese independence groups are not ideologically in line with the Japanese right-wingers or say that the Taiwan independence movement is genuinely a “homegrown” movement. Somehow I find this hard to believe as there are prominent Taiwanese living in Japan such as Alice Jin Meiling (Kin Birei), the director of JET, who regularly supports the Japanese right-wing and even defended them on a variety show where guests were critical of denying the Massacre.

She only kept her Chinese name because it makes her appear to be qualified to discuss Chinese current events as a “China pundit”. It should also be noted that she is a leading member of pro-Taiwanese independence groups in Japan. Now I wonder if assholes/hanjian such as Kin Birei had a role in persuading the Taiwan Province Ministry of Education to delete references to the Rape of Nanjing in their revised textbooks.

It’s possible that the DPP actually went through with this idea because of anti-Chinese sentiment and with the false assumption that doing such gestures would win them the favour of the Japanese government, who they believe will actually send their Self-Defence Forces to defend the province should China finally invade.

It’s one thing to downplay the positive contributions that Jiang Jieshi played in post-war development in Taiwan Province. They were already pushing it when they no longer state that Sun Yat-Sen was the founder of the ROC and dismissed the 1911 Xinhai revolution that overthrew the Qing Dynasty as just a riot. Making absurd claims that Taiwanese of Fujian decent are non-Chinese and distinct like Koreans is quite retarded and baseless. Now, denying the Rape of Nanjing is the final straw in their absurd need to display their anti-Chinese sentiment. It doesn’t help that these actions reaffirm the stereotype that Taiwanese are actually a spiteful, and arrogant from a joke of a province.

Let’s sum up:

1. Corrupt President steals taxpayer money for personal gain and gets away with it
2. Taiwanese legislators fight like schoolgirls, throw shoes, eat working legislation to block parliamentary sessions
3. Taiwan revises textbooks to pretend they are not Chinese and deny historical war crimes



8 thoughts on “Taiwan Province Says the Rape of Nanjing Never Happened

  1. It seems like the Asian community in the United States has no problem with Japan being portrayed heroically in World War II.


    Outstanding Film: Letters from Iwo Jima

    Nominated for 4 Academy Awards including Best Picture, Clint Eastwood’s Letters from Iwo Jima tells the untold story of the Japanese soldiers who defended their homeland against invading American forces during World War II. With little defense other than sheer will and the volcanic rock of Iwo Jima itself, the unprecedented tactics of General Tadamichi Kuribayashi (Ken Watanabe, The Last Samurai) and his men transform what was predicted to be a swift defeat into nearly 40 days of heroic and resourceful combat. Their sacrifices, struggles, courage and compassion live on in the taut, gripping film Rolling Stone calls “unique and unforgettable.” It is the powerful companion to Flags of our Fathers.


    I am not one to hold a grudge but the Japanese used Chinese citizens for chemical warfare testing. The Chinese still haven’t forgiven them for that.

    And somehow American history has lost the stories of how the Japanese treated American Prisoners of War

    And how about the Rape of Nanking?


    But, no to Clint Eastwood (and I guess the American Asian Community who honored his film) the Japanese soldiers were merely defending their homeland against those mean olde invading American imperialists.

    Clint Eastwood is a traitor to America who has denigrated all those who fought in the Pacific as merely racist imperialists going after the yellow men instead of the liberators of Asia which they really were.

    Clint Eastwood should be condemned forever for this movie.

    I spit on Clint Eastwood! No wonder Hollyweird can’t distinguish the good guys from the bad guys in Iraq when they can’t even do that when it comes to the Japanese in World War II.

    By the way, on the Truth Serum video, of course I disagree with the whole part accusing Bush or America covering it up in order to get access to the scientific research that the Japanese inhumanly performed. That is just insane.

    But everything else on that Truth Serum video seems historically accurate. If that isn’t the case, I would really appreciate someone educating me to the inaccuracies in the video.

    I do wonder why we didn’t after World War II convict Japanese of War Crimes to the extent we did the Germans. They Japanese did terrible things to AMERICAN POWs. From my understanding the Japanese treated American POWs far worst by and large than the Germans did. And then of course there was the way they treated the Asian Civilian communities they invaded. They never seemed to be personally held accountable for it the way the Germans were the Holocaust.

  2. Hollywood tends to portray Japanese at first as inferior savages to the present-day trend of showing them all as victims of circumstances with heroic Japanese being those who had exposures to the West (America)

  3. first of all Taiwan is a country not a province. If you dont’ agree fuck you. It’s our country and Taiwanese only can decide who they are, not a rotten fascist government like PRC, or USA or anyone else.
    Second of all the massacre of Nankin was not removed from the books but is no more detailed as they are Taiwan history book, they talk about the war, massacres, but don’t spend all the resources on a fact, a point in all the war. American books talk about normandy but don’t focus on Ouradour sur glane, auchwitz or Ravensbruck, WTF it enough to say that there were massacre, the rest is propaganda. French and German are working together hand in hand to build a strong Europe. But Chinese are so stupid that they focus on history, ready for the next war with japan.
    Chinese people need to take care of their country, fight corruption, pollution, feed the 20 million people starving, fight for freedom of speech, of religion, of politic… THEN AND ONLY they can open their mouth and juge other countries…

    1. Chinese isn’t looking for the next war with Japan. It’s no contest. They’re just looking to reclaim a rebel state and then put their dicks into lil hsias all over the island. Kinda like what Japan did in Nanking to civilians and what they did in Taiwan to the traitorous whores that you are a direct lineage from.

  4. Hsia, shame on you.
    Taiwan is NOT a country, it is a province of China, and will reMAIN that way. Why, would you rather worship Japan than stick with Mainland?
    Because that has got to be the most disgusting thing i have ever heard of.

    Don’t forget, many prominent taiwanese are actually pro-unification, so get that independence crap out of your head.

  5. Question:
    Why has the number of negative sects of
    the nanking massacre increased in japan?

    It is perhaps because the following book is published.

    This book is based on the confidential document
    of the guomindang (chinese nationalist party).


    Analyzing the “photographic evidence”
    of the nanking massacre


    ( -> http://www.sdh-fact.com/CL02_1/26_S4.pdf )
    ( -> http://www.soshisha.com/book_search/detail/1_1381.html )
    -> http://www.soshisha.com/book_search/detail/1_1488.html )


    charles cheung’s blog

  6. Consider that Taiwan is not a province of shina but a clear Nation, this article is extremely chaotic and bad written. The denial is not on whether it happened. but on the number described by CCP, numbers that have been clearly invented since CCP was hidden on mountain while KMT was trying hard to defend the town

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