Prison Break, Season 2 Episode 17

Turns out Sucre met up with Maricruz after all, Michael had to ask Warden Pope for a favor, C-Note turned himself in to Agent Mahone, and T-Bag let that family.

Michael and Sara walked into the cigar club but they were both spotted by workers who recognised them. Then then escape the club and go to Warden Pope’s house since he is a prominent member of that club. At his home, Michael and Sara try to convince Pope to help them retrieve a flash drive with sensitive information using the key Sara found, but Pope is reluctant since he is still angry at Michael’s betrayal during the prison break. Scofield was able to convince Pope to help him by first reasoning with him and then offering to turn himself in once they get the flash drive. Agent Kim later learns Michael and Sara were spotted and flies to Chicago immediately.

Pope agrees to help then and they drop him off at the cigar club. Once at the club, Pope retrieves the flash drive and borrow someone’s laptop to review the contents. Meanwhile Agent Kim meets up with Pope as he walks out of the club and threatens to kill him if he doesn’t turn over the drive. Michael drives over to pick up the warden while Lincoln confronts Agent Kim for the first time. They manage to escape but Sara locks to doors to their car to keep Kellerman from going with them. Once they return to Pope’s house, the warden tells Michael he does not need to turn himself in and wishes them luck based on what he heard on the flash drive. Their story ends with them listening to the drive in a hotel.

Sucre continues his road trip to the Ixtapa airport to meet Maricruz. His car later runs out of gas and he hitches a ride from another driver, who we later learn works in the Ixtapa airport security and are expecting a fugitive to land at the airport. Once they arrive Sucre goes to look for Maricruz just as the driver gets a flyer with Sucre’s picture and description. Fernando is able to finally meet up with Maricruz, who looks completely different from the Season 1 Maricruz, and they escape the airport with a cab.

T-Bag takes the entire family down to his old home in Alabama, which is completely abandoned. While T-Bag is looking through the house we learn that his father always encouraged young T-Bag to study the dictionary and sexually abused him on the side. Also, we do learn that T-Bag may be inbred since the flashback make references to the family having the same genes. While they are at the house, T-Bag confesses to Susan that he is sterile and he is not proud that he is from a cursed family. The reason he took them with him is because he wants to start over through Susan’s family and begs her to love him. She refuses and T-Bag locks the entire family in the basement. He considers killing them but calls 911 so the police can free them.

C-Note’s daughter is extremely ill since she does not have her medication so he first tries to get her help at a hospital. They refuse to treat her and call the police on them. Agent Mahone shows up and is unable to shoot him because he is carrying his daughter. Franklin later goes to a medical clinic and bribes to doctor to get treatment but backs out when he says she will need emergency treatment. C-Note then calls Mahone to turn himself in under the condition his wife is freed, his daughter gets treated and offers to help him catch Scofield.

Next week’s previews show Mahone having tensions with Bellwick, Kellerman getting weapons, and our heroes looking desperate.


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