Prison Break Season 2, Episode 18

C-Note committed suicide, the heroes try to find answers, Kellerman plans to kill the President, and T-Bag is leaving the country.

Micheal, Lincoln and Sara listen to the conversation from the flash drive and appear to be shocked at the contents of the conversation. We don’t get to really know what was said in the recorded audio, but we are supposed to be know that this conspiracy is much worse than we are led to believe in the show. Shocked at the conversation, Michael suggests turning the information over to people who were affiliated with his late father. Lincoln later calls Jane, one of the contacts, and winds up talking to LJ, who tells Lincoln that he is able to get his life back with a fake identity provided by Jane and doesn’t want to leave his new life. They later get a contact with someone called Cooper Green who is an attorney general that worked with their father.

They decide to set up a meeting with Cooper Green near the Chicago park. Meanwhile, Sara visits her father’s grave and bumps into Bruce, one of his father’s associates. She is initially hostile to him because she thinks he is the one who tipped the Company to her whereabouts and tells him it is useless to torture her since she has no secrets. Bruce tells her that they also tapped into their conversation and he would not betray his father after working with him for so many years. For some reason Sara trusts him and they go visit Cooper Green’s office, and learn that he never got in contact with either Scofield or Lincoln.

The Cooper Green Lincoln and Michael contacted showed up at the park as expected, but is followed. They contact him through the nearby payphone where Green is first instructed to dump his suit jacket into the trash can, then immerse himself at the park fountain, and run through a series of underground corridors in the nearby museum before he could meet Michael. After getting in touch with Michael, Lincoln gets a call from Sara telling him that the Cooper Green they met is an impostor. At the same time, the fake Cooper Green tells Michael that he needs the flash drive and pushes Michael to leave the museum so he can get his inhaler for his asthma. Once they were outside Michael, asks him if he uses Cortisone or another drug as his inhaler to which the fake Cooper responds by saying he uses Cortisone. Michael then knocks him out because Cortisone is actually a drug used for skin irritation instead of asthma just as Lincoln found him.

The trio later meet up with the real Cooper Green and show him the conversation. Green informs them that this is very strong evidence but it cannot be used in a court of law since there is no original timestamp in the conversation that would prove that the conversation was made after Steadman was “killed”. He also pointed out that the conversation has something that could destroy the current President’s career and implies they can blackmail her for a Presidential pardon. As this is happening, Agent Mahone is sent by Agent Kim to catch Scofield in Chicago, but he is too late.

By the time he arrives, all he gets is a debriefing from the fake Cooper Green, who was actually an FBI agent, and Mahone spends time figuring out why they had the meeting at the Park. After learning from Agent Kim that they were trying to contact Green, Mahone realises that he may be going after an innocent man. He eventually deduces that they chose the park because it was within viewing distance and goes to search for them in the nearest hotel. At the hotel he finds that Sara checked in a room and goes on the pursuit.

C-Note hangs himself at the end of the episode. At the start of his story, he was making posts asking Michael for help at to fulfill his end of the bargain with Mahone. While this is happening, Mahone gets a call from Kim about Michael’s whereabouts in Chicago and instructs him to kill Franklin. Mahone is clearly conflicted when he visits C-Note in prison by first telling him he would have made the same decisions if he was in the same situation and tells Franklin that he is a good father. He also emphasises that he will honour his end of the bargain by providing care for his daughter and keeping his wife free despite knowing Scofield’s location. However, he tells C-Note that he must do something in return or else he will make decisions that will ruin his family and himself and he will understand when he gets a package in his cell. Sometime later, C-Note gets a package and it turns out to be a rope with a noose, suggesting that he must commit suicide. During his prison visitation, Franklin tells his wife that he loves her and that he is sorry for everything that has happened.

T-Bag kills a therapist and steals his identity. The episode begins with T-Bag going to a therapist claiming to need therapy. We see that T-Bag really did feel better after the session with the doctor telling him that all he needs to do is to start with a clean slate. T-Bag thanks the doctor and tells him he wasn’t planning on having a session, but he did notice the he shared a strong resemblance to the doctor after seeing his ads on the buses. We then see that the doctor is actually played by the same actor who plays T-Bag before he is killed. We later see T-Bag trying to get an international flight to Bangkok using the dead doctor’s passport, but the only flights available are a series of stopovers and they have to check-in his backpack with the money because it’s too heavy as a carry-on. The episode ends with T-Bag enjoying his first class seats while sharing a flight with Bellick.

Kellerman plans on killing the President. He first gets his sniper rifle and visits his distant sister at her workplace. We learn that Kellerman and his sister came from an abusive family and that Kellerman actually regrets leaving his sister in that situation when he left home at 18. He tells his sister that he has changed for the worse with no real sense or right and wrong and wants her to only remember the brother she grew up with because he is about to do something very bad. The episode closes with Kellerman infiltrating the Secret Service to secure a position within the city to snipe the President, who was making an appearance in Chicago.

Sucre and Maricruz are hiding at their aunt’s home in Mexico. The episode ends with Sucre talking about how things are only going to get better.

Bellick shows up at Mahone’s field office to get his reward money for Haywire. Mahone is upset because he doesn’t want others to know about their secret arrangement and points out it takes paperwork to get reward money processed. He then directs Bellick to hunt down Sucre who was spotted by Mexican police. Bradley then goes to Fox River where he tries to get Sucre’s cousin to spill information by offering him a transfer to minimum security where there are arcades, billiard halls, and friendlier guards. The episode ends with Bellick in economy class seats sharing the same flight as T-Bag.

Next week’s previews show Michael being interrogated by Agent Kim, Bellick confronting Sucre in Mexico, and T-Bag fighting to protect his millions.


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