A matter of truth

Yesterday I watched the movie “Stranger than Fiction” starring Will Ferrell about an IRS agent who suddenly changes his life after learning that someone is narrating his life.  It wasn’t a mindless comedy like past Will Ferrell movies, but it proved that Will Ferrell is capable of playing serious roles.  The story is about how a series of random events changes Will’s character, Harold Crick, from living a routine life to falling in love and learning the simple joys of life.

For some reason, I already became bored of Virtua Fighter 5 after playing it for about a week now.  First there is no storyline in this game and much of the gameplay is devoted to fighting AI characters as a way to practice using the selected character.  For the most part, the fighting game is a great deal of fun, but it can reach a point where it can get boring if there really is no real incentive to keep playing other than obtaining items or unlocking secrets.  The only possible secret worth getting is the hidden character Dural, but that requires beating Arcade mode with every single character.  Unlike Tekken, which is largely based on mashing buttons, Virtua Fighter 5 actually requires strategy in dodging the opponent and setting up successful chain attacks to knock out the other player.

In any case I am considering whether to download Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection when it is out later this month.  I have tried Ridge Racer 7 and so far the gameplay doesn’t really impress me.  It’s too bad that Gundam Warriors will not be out in North America until June.  I could order the Japanese version, but I don’t really know the language.  My lack of understanding Japanese has been used against me in the past…

Plans are discussed for a meet up during the NY Auto Show Around April.  I will need to make some calls to gauge interest.  People I have in mind are Salman, Will, Will McG, Lazlo, Jehangir, Sinan, Brian.  I don’t expect many girls to go to a car show but people are more than welcome to bring their female friends.


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