Why do we exist?

Had to coordinate the approval and release of a press release to the PR Newswire and ensure that the website, entire corporation, clients and PR Newswire get the proper update.  The market took a beating today because of the sell-off of shares in China due to fears of new securities regulations and the restriction of equities trading.  The panic in China set off a shitstorm in East Asia which eventually hit the United States bring the Dow down by about 400 or so points today.

One would not realise it but our national economies are greatly interconnected such that if something horrible happened in country A, the effects would spillover to countries C, D, F and so on.  People could feel this in the form of crazy terrorist attacks to wondering why the hell a can of tomato soup would suddenly cost $40.  This is also another reason why kids should start reading the New York Times and BBCnews.com before it’s too late.  The effects of globalisation have already affected my work in that I always have a need to be aware of timezones in other regions to the point of memorisation and I just trained a new colleague from the HK office on the trading platform.

People can read all the publications they want or simply regurgitate the horror stories of others to assert their understanding of the world, but it all means dick if you can’t apply it to your daily life.    The gym can be a real pain even if I just missed one week of exercise.  The weights felt heavier and I got tired sooner than I would have thought.


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