Surrender Another Day for an All Time High

I learned from my niece that my estranged father did impersonate one of my other nieces to talk to me.  It’s very pathetic that he would do such things just to talk to me.  He can’t just walk in and out of my life as he pleases and using others to get his message to me.  Because of his actions, I have lost the trust of my niece and blocked her from my MSN.

I also learned that my elder sister is engaged to some Frenchman and the marriage will take place in France. I doubt I will be invited since my brother didn’t even invite me to his wedding and my estranged father will go.  I really don’t like French people to be frank due to experiences in Quebec and the best way to express my attitude towards them is to just burn their poorly engineered cars.  Then I learned from my niece that my other sister was a victim of domestic violence and she actually witnessed some of it during the divorce phase.  No wonder she is on the verge of going Emo, but she actually has problems. My sister tells my niece embarrassing stories of my past, I tell her that her mother dropped out of HS and barely got her GED…I’m surprised that she would even lie to her own daughter about her own education…

All this conversation took place during downtime on MSN.  She also mentioned that her grandfather will be in HK SAR around March 23rd so it looks like I will not travel until the summer.  It would be a good idea to travel with Jehangir, Willmon, and Tom’s brother just for a week of randomness.  Jehangir has accrued God knows how much vacation time, I don’t think Willmon/Tom went on vacation out of the country without their parents for some time as well.  There will be changes to meet the ladies if Jehangir is concerned and this will be a guy’s crazy vacation in Asia.

I finally unlocked the secret characters on Virtua Fighter 5 and Tekken 5 DR is actually out.   Tekken 5 DR costs $20 for the PS3 and its tempting but not really a great idea to spend $20 for an upscaled PSP game when I can spend the same amount to get Grand Theft Auto to play on the PS3.  Gundam Warriors is out in Japan and now it will be a long waiting game until it’s out in North America in the summer.  I could buy the Japanese version but I really don’t know the language and I am sure there will be additions to the US version.


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