Prison Break Season 2, Episode 19

C-Note is saved from death, T-Bag and Bellick are in Mexico, Sara is captured by Mahone, and we learn about the tape.

When we last left off, Agent Mahone was running up the hotel stairs to capture Sara, Michael, and Lincoln. After agreeing to blackmail the President for a pardon, the gang decides to head out with Cooper leaving first followed by Lincoln and Michael. Mahone actually makes it to their floor and tries to break into the room just as Sara is about to walk out. After a brief search Mahone tricks Sara into coming out and spends most of the episode forcing her to give out Scofield’s location. In this confrontation, Sara learns what drugs Mahone is taking and is aware he is doing something he hates.

Meanwhile, Lincoln meets up with an old friend at the local warehouse where he works to get favors. From his friend he is able to get a ticket out of the country through one of the freighters, $100 cash and a six-pack of beer. Meanwhile Michael allows himself to get captured by the authorities by greeting President Reynolds and handing her a note telling her he has the tape. Once Michael is captured, Agent Kim tells him he went to a military academy and proceeds to torture him to get the location of his brother until the President stops him. She then orders everyone to leave the room so she can talk to Michael alone.

In this conversation Michael orders the President to first cut him loose, allow him to walk out of the building with no secret service, and to give him and his brother a Presidential Pardon in return for protecting her secret. Before she can do that the Caroline says she needs to hear the contents of the taped conversation and has Michael call Lincoln to provide the said conversation over the phone.

The contents of the flash drive are finally revealed: it is actually a conversation between Steadman and Reynolds where Steadman talks about how he misses being with Reynolds and that living in relative isolation is killing his heart. He also adds that he misses touching and seeing her in bed calling her “sweet Caroline” with Reynolds saying she feels the same way. Basically the taped conversation is evidence that proves she had an incestuous relationship with Steadman which could ruin her career even if it did not free the two brothers.

After hearing the tape, Reynolds agrees to Michaels demands and Scofield adds that she must make this pardon in a press conference within the hour. The President then has Michael freed against the wishes of Agent Kim, who goes to the Old Man of the Company for advice and receives a folder with information. As Sara and Mahone wait for Michael’s call, Mahone starts taking drugs to set his mind into killing Sara while telling her that she can stop this by cooperating just as Michael calls from their meeting place. In his drugged state and sudden call, Sara is able to grab Mahone’s gun and later her mobile. However, Mahone was smart enough to text Agent Lang to follow her out of the hotel just in case.

Michael later meets up with his brother to tell him the good news. Just as Reynolds is about to walk into the stage, Agent Kim implores her to reconsider and then threatens her by telling her The Company also knows her secrets. Instead of using the address to give the brothers a pardon, the President pretends she has terminal cancer and resigns much to the surprise of Agent Kim, Kellerman, and the brothers. Michael tells Lincoln they will all need to disappear in response to the press conference.

Kellerman – was in the motions of shooting the President and keeps stalling at every opportunity until he loses it when Scofield greets the President, which forces her to be removed by Secret Service. He later sits in a hotel room and watches President Reynolds give her resignation, which upsets him even further.

C-Note – is saved from the brink of death by two prison guards. At the prison’s clinic, Franklin begs the prison guard watching him to let him call the FBI because his family is in serious danger. However, Agent Lang picks up the phone with Agent Wheeler insisting on taking the call when Lang tries to transfer it to Mahone. C-Note then asks Wheeler to give a message to Mahone that he will help him as long as he does not harm his family and asks for more time to get it done. Agent Wheeler is extremely troubled by this message and goes to visit C-Note to ask him to confess to whatever deal he struck with Mahone in exchange for his freedom.

T-Bag arrives at the airport in Mexico City, but is unable to retrieve his bag of money because Bellick is also waiting in the pick-up area. He then goes outside the pick-up area to get the bag outside, but is stopped by a baggage handler. He later gets into a fight with him and leaves the airport when the alarm is sounded.

Sucre is still spending time with Maricruz and learns about T-Bag through the local news. He becomes tempted with the $5 million until his girlfriends reminds him of what they already have. After coming home from picking berries, he is confronted by Bellick in his house but talks him from turning him over to the local police by telling him that the $5 million is in the Mexico City airport.

The previews for the next episode show FBI agents going after Mahone, Michael having a need to capture T-Bag, Lincoln talking to Michael as they leave for the freighter, Sucre finally meeting up with T-Bag.


6 thoughts on “Prison Break Season 2, Episode 19

  1. it was an intriguing episode. i loved, it kept me on my toes. i cant wait to watch the rest

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