Crazy Talk in Taiwan Province and Japan

Taiwan Province’s Chen Shuibian continues to fan the flames of war with the People’s Republic of China while Japan’s Abe continues to dig himself deeper in the comfort women gaffe he made on the 1st of March.

First, in a pro-independence speech on Sunday, the head of Taiwan Province said the following:

Mr Chen, in a speech to a pro-independence group on Sunday, said: “Taiwan should be independent”.

“Taiwan is a country whose sovereignty lies outside the People’s Republic of China,” he added, referring to China by its formal name.

He spoke of a “four wants” policy – namely independence, a new constitution, further development and a change to the country’s officially designated name.

It looks like he replaced the old Four Noes and One Without (四不一沒有) with Four Wants which will surely lead to a speedy resolution to the Chinese Civil War and answer the question of Taiwan Independence. While Chen was head of Taiwan Province he made the following pledges as long as China did not engage in hostilities with the province:

In addition, the “One Without” was that Chen pledged not to abolish the National Unification Council or the National Unification Guidelines though during his administration the National Unification Council has not met once.

Well it looks like he broke his promises to ensure regional peace and stability by first cutting off the budget for the National Unification Council and then proposing the Four Wants that call for Taiwan Independence, a name change, a new Constitution, and “further development of Taiwan”. It’s interesting to note that his pro-Independence speech caused the Taiwan Provincial stock market to crash on Monday and also weakened the Taiwan NT against the US Dollar.

Just when we all thought things were settling down in the province that just recently had most of their politicians indicted for corruption, making random name changes to state-controlled firm that do nothing to increase their competitiveness, and spreading the hate on 228, we now get this nonsense. Well, history will later remember Chen Shuibian as one of the architects that brought about reunification with the People’s Republic of China and ended the Chinese Civil War by making the communists the ultimate victors.

Now, in light of last week’s comments by Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, we finally are able to get a real explanation of the remarks he made on March 1st after much whining from nationalists and fanboys over mistranslations by the “racist mass media”.

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe said Monday there is no need for Japan to make a fresh apology for forcing women from other parts of Asia into sexual servitude for the Japanese military during the war, even if the U.S. Congress passes a resolution calling on him to do so.

“We will not apologize because of a resolution,” Abe told the House of Councilors Budget Committee, referring to the draft resolution on the table at the U.S. House Foreign Affairs Committee.

“The draft resolution is not based on objective facts nor does it reflect the Japanese government’s responses so far,” he said.

Abe reiterated he will stand by the government’s 1993 statement acknowledging and apologizing for the forced recruitment of what Japan euphemistically referred to as “comfort women” in Japanese-occupied territories, including the Korean Peninsula and China. He was responding to a question from a Democratic Party of Japan lawmaker.

So there you have it, Abe was not really denying the existence of comfort women, but merely has issues with the wording of the 1993 Kono Statement that concluded Japan was responsible for wartime sexual exploitation. He was also upset over the non-binding United States Congressional Resolution, which recognised Japanese exploitation of comfort women in WW2. It’s strange that he professes to recognise a government statement that acknowledged the IJA was responsible for enslaving women and putting them in a coercive environment, but Abe still disputes this and the US resolution over the lack of proof or facts.

It’s also nice to know that Abe will not bother to make any forms of apologies over his remarks. Good for you Shinzo-Kun! After all, apologies made by Japanese officials are meaningless if they are not backed by strong decisive actions like what their German counterparts did to restore regional ties in the postwar era.

Like my parents said, “Apologise only when you recognise you were wrong and when you mean it. Making insincere apologies is even worse than making the mistake.” Well done Abe, you finally figured out why apologies didn’t work for your predecessors. Japanese fanboys love citing this list of apologies from Wikipedia – – but do they ever wonder why Japanese politicians have to keep making them unlike the Germans?

Let’s see:

There are still prominent LDP politicians that continue to either justify wartime transgressions or deny them contrary to the official statements issued by their party heads and top politicians. These inconsistent remarks not only display a lack of party discipline but make it appear that the government is also inconsistent and that the official line is inconsistent with the true views of its citizens.

There are still elements of the government which still adhere to the old wartime attitudes. Although many LDP politicians are elected by their constituents for their support in local agricultural subsidies, regional job-creation programmes, they often use their positions to push through nationalist policies that are not truly the wishes of their voters who wanted jobs, subsidies or even reform. So, you have the current government pushing for patriotism to be taught in school when the lack of jobs for graduates is an issue, the creation of a Defence Ministry instead of working to promote fiscal reform within the government, and finally making remarks to harm regional ties when business interests are in need of improved ties to boost the economy. Then you have crazy government bureaucracies approving revisionist textbooks for public consumption although many school administrators are sane enough to accept established textbooks unlike their government.

The key problem lies with government officials making public apologies only later to have successor governments either go back on the positions in the earlier administrations. Koizumi has stated dozens of apologies over Japan’s wartime atrocities and a few months later he goes on official visits to the WW2 exhibit in the Yasukuni Shrine, making his statements appear to be lip service and insincere. You have the postwar Japanese Emperors publicly stating how the actions of his top government officials are harming regional ties and Japan’s reputation and both Showa and Akihito’s opinions are conveniently ignored by the governments that claim to respect them. Recently, Abe had hoped to water-down the 1993 Kono Statement by publicly discussing his views of comfort women in WW2, but seemed to have backfired on him.

The government also tries to protest or deny wartime atrocities when they are recognised by other states or individuals. Abe was partly motivated to make last week’s remarks in response to the US resolution on the subject while Japanese politicians were able to stop a Manga publisher from printing anymore stories about the Rape of Nanjing that was drawn by a brave Manga-ka a few years earlier. Some Japanese nationalists and politicians try to justify these actions in the name of free speech and keep pointing out that China promotes racism against Japanese. Then again, we can expect less from China as a nondemocracy and we can also be equally disgusted with Japan since it condones such nonsense to enter popular culture and it’s not exactly free speech because they use harassment and pressure to silence their critics.

With that said, let all work to keep Japan and Taiwan Province from lighting the powerkeg in East Asia.


24 thoughts on “Crazy Talk in Taiwan Province and Japan

  1. The only reason you have these views of taiwan is because you have been influenced by the media and those around you. I much rather prefer staying in taiwan as it gives me a lot more choice than china. China is a one party state with the power in the hands of those at the top and no one else. You money is never safe in china. China is growing… but it still remains to be seen if it can out grow its problems and there are many problems, not just structural.

  2. So I am being influenced by American propaganda? China is non a democracy. Of course your money is never safe and filled with tons of problems! At least their leadership isn’t speaking inflammatory rhetoric to provoke war just to appeal to a few voters. Now I wonder if you read beyond the first 3 paragraphs before whining to your wife about my criticism of Chen Shuibian. It’s always interesting that people will attack the author, and incite hate to sidestep the issue rather than try to have a meaningful discussion.

  3. Yep thats probably why Mr bush didn’t do very well in the last elections over there. I don’t like the US or the UK either ( where I am now and where there are many Chinese who tell me they don’t want to go back till China becomes more rational).

    I do however like Taiwan, because it is under it’s own ruling system and has the freest environment I have been in. And the best part of it is, the people with any sense see straight through the media. (not like here where the reporting can be very one sided, and many take it as fact….or just couldn’t care less) I am also worried that to many Chinese have the wrong idea about taiwan, and I dont want to see a beautiful county ruined by your over enthusiastic leaders.

    Sorry pointing 1000 missiles at our home does not garner any kind of respect from me, it just shows china up as a tyrant.

    Heres a good blog, I hope u can at least read it from time to time for the other perspectives.

  4. Having a wife that calls Chinese people parasites does not help the situation either. Michael Turton is an interesting blogger, who I respect, that expresses his pro-DPP views in various entries when he is not talking about the local sights and sounds in the island.

    A blog is a blog. How can Turton’s reporting be any less biased than mine? Is it because he puts a pro-Taiwan slant based on his observations or because I expressed my dissatisfaction with Chen Abian’s recent actions? With that said, will people consider those who say what people want to hear as objective and critics as biased?

    Don’t worry about the 1000 missiles: they’ve been there since the start of the Cold War. It’s just nice to know that DPP-TSU politicians conveniently point out these facts during election year or to spread the hate against “Mainlanders” and their pan-Blue supporters.

    The freest place in Asia is not Taiwan, but the nation of Japan which is recognised with its own ruling system and is so free that anyone is allowed to promote neo-Nazism, radical communism and right-wing militarism without any fears of reprisals, which is different in Taiwan since people like your wife would gladly take physical action to purge the island of “Chinese parasites”, as she so eloquently describes in Chinese in a forum.

    Here’s a good URL to view unbiased news:

  5. Here is the discussion asi594’s wife had about Chinese people after he complained to her about this entry:
    Blog | 留言板
    註冊時間: 2006-09-22
    文章: 42
    來自: United Kindom

    發表 發表於: 2007/03/07 04:36 文章主題: 請大家用力”看”這邊文章


    拜託~聽說我們的台灣省省長是另一個 而他還是歸屬台灣總統陳水扁管的好嗎!!


    大家知道嗎~在國外就是因為這些蟑螂老鼠的中國人在破壞亞洲人的名譽(中國人住的地方都很臭骯髒 中國人都是真的到外國去生小孩拿救濟金 中國人從事很多非法生意 中國人走後門..不勝枚舉) 所以外國人才會對其他亞洲人有不好的印象~但是當大家知道你不是中國人 是台灣人 日本人之後 他們才會對你另眼相看~


    請大家抵抗!!拒絕這樣的文章在網路上傳播 傳遞錯誤的訊息給外國人看!!

    Note these referral URLs are taken from statcounters in the blog.

  6. after reading your posts, well, all i can say is: a waste of time. why? because the information is wrong, the quotation’s wrong and the idea is wrong.

    if you’re influenced by the american propaganda like you metioned, tell me, how do they refer to Chen? President Chen, isn’t it? if you ever looked up in the dictionary, you know what that means. any doubt that Taiwan is not a country?

    you should correct your paragraphs before further discussion can go on.

  7. 1. If it is a waste of time and you’re offended by reality, why bother posting a comment?

    2. The quotations are from the BBC, go whine to them about a mistranslation if you must (most likely won’t).

    3. It’s also Mr. Chen, yet Taiwan is not a country at the end of the day. The UN, much of the world and National Geographic do not consider Taiwan a country. Taiwan is as much of a country as Chechnya.

    I find it sad that you kids are still dwelling on an entry written months ago. It’s time you guys did something productive for once instead of whining like children about over blog entries.

  8. Why would Pentagon sell arms to Taiwan if Taiwan is a province of China? I believe you wouldn’t understand from 3rd person’s view. Forget what what happened between Taiwan and China. You need to ask yourself questions Taiwanese been asking them self. Are you willing to give up your freedom and live in fear? I believe G. Washington answered that and so are many others. If USA says we no longer have the basic human rights anymore. I would have deport myself and go somewhere else. It’s not about is Taiwan a country or not anymore. It’s about human rights. I wouldn’t support one side view only countries.

    However, Yes your right. Most of countries does not support Taiwan, and almost as much as Anti USA countries.

  9. Pentagon sells obsolete arms to Taiwan Province because they need money. That has always been the case even with the outdated weapons that are no match for Chinese arms.

    The USA barely has basic human rights. Just ask any Muslim living in America. If one group of people in America are constantly living in fear and losing freedom, then America has already failed.

    The USA has no human rights and it’s levels has sunk below the accepted standard to the point where Russia and China can point out these shortcomings. The USA often wails about human rights against countries it dislikes, but it cries foul when people bring up the abuses in Guantanamo Bay and Iraq…

    So if the US of A doesn’t support Taiwan Province, it’s also anti-American? Good logic there kid.

    Again, I find it sad that you kids are still dwelling on an entry written months ago say March of 2006. It’s time you children did something productive for once instead of whining over blog entries.

  10. It’s also funny how certain kids here are going bonkers over a post that devotes at least 80% of the post on Japan and less than 20% of space to discuss Taiwan Province…

  11. Pentagon didn’t sell arms because they needed money. A country can not sell to another country’s state or city. It’s like saying California is buying SU fighters from Russia, but not USA or without USA say so. I think it is just stupid.

    USA human rights may not be the best in the world. There are basic human rights but there are also laws. You may say Hey Bush, I really dont think you know what your doing, and you should step down. Nothing will happen to you beside police throw you out of the area. You can tell China’s Wed and chances are you and your families wouldn’t be there much longer.

    Also I didn’t mean if you don’t support Taiwan then your anti American. What I mean was there are almost as much anti USA countries then countries supporting Taiwan.

    FIY: I know a lot of people from Middle East. There have their point of views on things and I have my point of view. I agree with them. War isn’t the answer for 9/11. However, that’s not slapping back of their hands and tell them dont do it again. If your not the bad guy, nothing will happen to you. If you are stupid enough to say Hey Bush I going to ________ you. of course USGov won’t take it light. It is national security issues.

    As for “Again, I find it sad that you kids are still dwelling on an entry written months ago say March of 2006. It’s time you children did something productive for once instead of whining over blog entries”. If you think by writing blocks entries is productive. I think my reply to the blog is also productive. If that is not the case, then I have this to say. Kid, why don’t you go do something productive besides writing, or copy and past from BBC. Since you like communist so much. Why don’t you go write for China? I mean your point of view is right. and others people’s views are whines to you. BRAVO. If your not Chinese, GO APPLY. I’ll tell people of hina to vote lifeinmotion for president. Sorry I forgot They don’t vote.

    You are a writer. You know people would like or dislike what you wrote. If you can’t take different point of views or the heat. then simply don’t write it kid.

  12. The Pentagon takes orders from the White House. The White House sells arms to Taiwan Province in the same way Russia supplies arms to breakaway regions in Moldova and Georgia. Those regions are not countries but they have Russian support the same way Taiwan Province is backed by the US of A. This still doesn’t make Taiwan a country unless you consider Transdnestria a country.

    “You are a writer. You know people would like or dislike what you wrote. If you can’t take different point of views or the heat. then simply don’t write it kid.”

    Actually I write for my own sake, I don’t really care what you kids think. It seems like you kids can’t take other points of view as seen by that Taiwanese forum that rants against Chinese people. It looks like that forum linked to this post, which is where most of the taidu/taiwanese kids are coming from.

    Again, I find it sad that you kids are still dwelling on an entry written months ago say March of 2006. It’s time you children did something productive for once instead of whining over blog entries.

    The only informed pro-Taiwan Province commenter is Michael Turton, who is intelligent and respectful when outlining his counterpoints.

    Everyone else just regurgitates the arguments put forth by fringe Taiwanese groups or resorts to China-bashing since they can’t form their own arguments. You guys also resort to personal attacks or sidestep the issue to push your own agendas.

  13. White House follows “one China” policy. If that is the case which it is. White House sells Arms to Taiwan would be against UN

    “Actually I write for my own sake, I don’t really care what you kids think”.

    DING DING DING. My reply to you is for my own sake, and I don’t really care what you thinks either. I’ll reply to your post if I wanted to.

    What personal attacks are you talking about? Did i use words I shouldn’t use? No, I didn’t. Writer is a writer. It doesn’t matter you write for whom. If you can take the heat from people have different views simply dont post it. That’s not personal attacks. It’s a fact. Stop crying about people thinks about your post. Or even better. Why dont you remove submit comment out of your blog? Since you don’t care, why even have leave a reply?

  14. One China means America does not support Taiwan Province’s independence and recognises Taiwan is a part of China.

    Speaking of UN, they also recognise that Taiwan Province isn’t a country.

    America sells arms to Taiwan and Russia provides weapons to Transdnestria in Moldova and South Ossetia in Georgia. Providing arms does not make Taiwan anymore of a country as Transdnestria or South Ossetia.

    Good for you getting defensive about commenting. All the more reason for Michael Turton to get more respect. I think you’re the one getting worked up over my 2 paragraphs on Taiwan Province in the above blog post.

  15. That is correct. As I said before, a lot of countries doesn’t consider Taiwan a country. The cold hard fact is Taiwan has been independent for a long time. Even BBC country profile says so. However, like I said, It’s not about Taiwan is a country or not anymore. It’s a fight for freedom. For example. Since you like BBC so much

    They banned the movies for pretty much nothing. Did people vote for it? I really don’t think so. People of China should have human rights like most of countries. This is what Taiwanese are fighting for. Keep in mind, this is just movie. What would happen if you go against the Gov of China? Im not shocked the move by China though. After all, this is expected by a communist party. What happen in Taiwan happened before. In fact, that’s how we become United States of America, instead of UK.

    Also, I am not getting work up about this. I just dont understand your point of view by posting using the words like “Kids” and “Again, I find it sad that you kids are still dwelling on an entry written months ago say March of 2006. It’s time you children did something productive for once instead of whining over blog entries”. And As I said before, It’s good for you to write stories like this and surely nothing I can do about it. If you say or do something. People will respond, and may respond in a way you would want. Like my dad said to me. If you pilot a fighter into a heated zone, be prepare. If you dont want to heat then don’t fly there. So really, Stop using the word kid and do something productive to press people down. If you want to be productive yourself, to submit this blog to USA today or CNN even the UK news BBC. If you do. word of advice, dont use your real name.

  16. Taiwanese aren’t fighting for human rights but for secession from China. Just because the BBC puts Taiwan in a country profile does not make them a country. Again, if you want to judge by websites, ICANN considers Taiwan a Chinese Province and so does Google.

    Sure, I am in agreement that China needs to lift their restrictions on showing more foreign films, especially if they feature local actors. Then, again I don’t see anyone really complaining when the American MPAA imposes cuts or censorship on films that deal with subjects such as sex, or LGBT issues while giving studio-backed or films dealing with heterosexual issues a free pass.

    I am glad you’re not getting worked up like the other Taiwanese kids who posted in the past. Sure, I have been productive and some of my other posts have been referred by other forums, bloggers and a few websites. I am sure you would have noticed if you read the other newer blogs instead of dwelling on this one like your Taiwanese or Taiwanophilic cohorts

  17. Secession from China? Taiwan Gov is much more like US and most of European countries. Where people are allow to vote, and go up to to City Rep and start ripping on what he did wrong. Are you allow to do that In China? Let me ask you this. Your a writer and you write for your own sake. What if China is taking over your country and tells you. You do not have the rights to say, write, or giving people ideas against China. How would you feel about that? Those are part of freedom and human rights. A human should be able to vote, and say whatever is on your mind. Those ARE human rights. not force to be one side or jailed, or even killed.

    As for you reply regarding about BBC. The reason I show you that is because you said from above ” Here’s a good URL to view unbiased news:“. Then you said “Again, if you want to judge by websites, ICANN considers Taiwan a Chinese Province and so does Google.” Now your just eating you own words. So is BBC unbiased or biased? You tell me, while your at it. Tell me why China have 2 capitals. because according to CNN. Taipei is the capital of Taiwan. When I stationed in Japan. I have Japanese people tells me the stories of China and Taiwan. I ask them why most of countries don’t consider Taiwan a country. They told me this.
    China’s official name is People’s Republic of China. Taiwan’s official name is Republic of China. ONE CHINA POLICY. Now, the question is, Do you know the island as ROC or Taiwan? Just because Taiwan is within your body of ocean doesn’t automatically make Taiwan YOURS. Fact is There is no PLA in Taiwan. There is no sign of China Gov taking control of the island. Chinese laws doesn’t apply in Taiwan. And Im sorry, I have not yet heard ANY county in this world have 2 capitals at the same time. Ok, maybe if you count N/S Korea as one country.

    To be honest with you. I wasn’t going to post anything. It’s because your comment toward other people. You disrespect people who reads your blog and disagree with you. I have both Chinese and Taiwanese under my command. I have to hear this kind of stuff almost every day. Another Fact is. Taiwan Relation Act. and after 1990, TRA acknowledged first AND 6 assurances. So It doesn’t really matter if Taiwan is a country or a dump. If Taiwan under attacking by China. US DEFEND period. Is Taiwan a country or not? I think so, but does it matter if China attack? Country or not. US deploy. Just like Nimitz Carrier rushing over to Taiwan right now. You might want to read more about history before you make a judgment about this. When Japanese got defeated they with ward from Taiwan, but didn’t say whom to be taking over. Think about it, as you said, BBC is not biased. If you going to bring other site in

    what about

    we can go on all day. As you said BBC is good site with true information. Then you tell me if I want to base off Internet. Please don’t judge without know. I’m sure you never been to Taiwan, Japan or China. I have been into 3 of them. So don’t tell me I use internet informations. It’s more like you use internet infos.

    I’m sorry for hammering you. Like I said, you do not understand what they have been though. Do not point your fingers and yell. If you bring up a heated subject your going to get burn. Put yourself in Taiwanese’ shoe, not UN, NG or any website you can find, then make a comment about Taiwan/China.

  18. If you’re getting upset over 3 paragraphs over my criticism at Chen Shuibian’s attempt to destroy the Status Quo, then read my other blogs I wrote months after this post.

    If you want to keep dwelling over this blog entry and act as if it’s the worst thing written (it’s not), then go ahead.

    Otherwise go read my more recent entries. My views are clearer as well. To be honest, I think you are the one getting worked up over a blog entry that spent 3 paragraphs on Taiwan while ignoring the the rest of the post on Japan…

  19. Frankly speaking, as a Taiwanese, I would never declare independence. Because we already are independent. That would be contradictory. I dont care what the UN says.

    But what bothers me about your posts is that you always put the blame on Taiwan in case war happens. The only way Taiwan would be responsible for a war with mainland is if Taiwan decides to attack preeventively which I doubt will ever happen. It is PRC who wants to fight, not Taiwan.
    Its like saying “Oh, well, you just farted, and it is provocative to me, so I will hit you, and its your fault for farting.” Big bad bully China certainly is.
    Any decision taken about Taiwan must be its inhabitants decision and got nothing to do with mainland, unless we get to decide about your goverment too.

  20. Taiwan declares independence = War.

    The UN is an international bodies that holds the world’s interest. UN says Taiwan is not a country = the world understands Taiwan is not a country.

    Taiwan is many things, but it is not a country.

  21. Taiwan is many things, and CERTAINLY it also includes BEING a country.

    You don’t understand our history, and why we want independence. so DON’T jump into YOUR OWN conclusion and telling people on the internet that Taiwan “isn’t” a country.

    People around the world all knows the fact that UN often fails to its functions & duty. UN算哪根蔥!

    Shame on you writing something ignorant like this on internet. 不要老共說啥你都買帳。

  22. Taiwan is not recognised as a country by the United States and Japan, two real countries that Taiwan is dependent on from being absorbed by a reforming China.

    You whine about critics of Taiwan independence not knowing history, but you don’t bother explaining it. All you do is whine whine and make attacks to disgust people.

    If the UN is a failure, why the big parades and advertisements for “UN for Taiwan” even changing Taiwan’s stamp seals to say “UN for Taiwan”? Well buddy, it is very clear that the UN is not for Taiwan in any way shape or form.

    Shame on you for harassing people who express themselves!

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