Follow-up to Post on Chen Shuibian’s pro-independence speech

Earlier on this blog, I posted an entry expressing my views on Chen Shuibian’s renunciation of the Four Noes and One Without and Abe’s gaffe on comfort women. Overall, the feedback has been largely positive in regards to my criticism of Abe’s denial of WW2 sexual exploitation, but the same cannot be said about my criticism of Chen Abian’s provocation of the People’s Republic of China.

Shortly after the previous entry was written a UK-based blogger wrote the following:.

1. asi594 | March 6th, 2007 at 4:25 pm

The only reason you have these views of taiwan is because you have been influenced by the media and those around you. I much rather prefer staying in taiwan as it gives me a lot more choice than china. China is a one party state with the power in the hands of those at the top and no one else. You money is never safe in china. China is growing… but it still remains to be seen if it can out grow its problems and there are many problems, not just structural.

It’s interesting that he accuses me of being critical of Chen Shuibian and his decision to abandon the status quo for a dangerous future as a result of living in America and being influenced by my fellow Americans and the mythical “liberal media” in the said country. I am sure Taiwan Province is an appealing choice for some just as Macau SAR and Hong Kong SAR are more attractive to people. It’s true that China is a one party-state with power concentrated at the top with financial instability, and growing pains; but I’m sure this blogger already made his point to show how a nondemocratic state has problems.

Then again, my post wasn’t about China: it was about the stupidity exhibited by both Chen Shuibian and Abe Shinzo of Taiwan Province and Japan, respectively. Again, why do pro-Taiwan fanboys and Taiwanese Provincialists always obsess with China and attack the author to sidestep the issue instead of having a meaningful discussion on why I made those comments in the first place? Besides my blog is blocked in the PRC according to, which tests whether a URL is blocked in China.

I would have just ignored this post and make a comment to respond to the poster’s feedback, but that was until he decided to whine to his Taiwanese wife who made the following thread on this forum –

Here are some notable entries made in response to what was written on the previous entry:


拜託~聽說我們的台灣省省長是另一個 而他還是歸屬台灣總統陳水扁管的好嗎!!


大家知道嗎~在國外就是因為這些蟑螂老鼠的中國人在破壞亞洲人的名譽(中國人住的地方都很臭骯髒 中國人都是真的到外國去生小孩拿救濟金 中國人從事很多 非法生意 中國人走後門..不勝枚舉) 所以外國人才會對其他亞洲人有不好的印象~但是當大家知道你不是中國人 是台灣人 日本人之後 他們才會對你另眼 相看~


請大家抵抗!!拒絕這樣的文章在網路上傳播 傳遞錯誤的訊息給外國人看!!


Synopsis : // crazy-talk-in-taiwan-province-and-japan/

My husband sent this entry and had one word describe how he felt: “angry”

These brainwashed Chinese are so ignorant~ the entry kept saying Chen Shui-bian was a Taiwan Provincial Governor!
Oh Please – He thought we really are a Province with Chen Shuibian as governor!!

These brainwashed Chinese people~if they love China ~ why I have find these Chinese parasites when I go to all parts of the world ~the Chinese people are like cockroaches and rats that destroy the reputation of Asians~

it is because of these cockroach and rat-like Chinese people that damage the reputation of Asians abroad (Chinese people live in really dirty and foul places, Chinese really go abroad to give birth to children to sell for money, Chinese people are engaged in the illegal businesses, Chinese people take the backdoor .. the list goes on), so foreigners will have a bad impression on other Asians – but let everyone know you are not Chinese, but Taiwanese and Japanese later and they will treat you differently~

In short~these are ignorant and have no hygiene, and no brains so that is why Chinese people are a parasitic society!

Please resist! Discourage articles on the Internet that send the wrong message to the foreigners!

Here is the rest of the responses in that thread with rough translations:

Dear Jellyfish594Dear Jellyfish594
真 希望一塊招牌掉下來剛好砸到那些蟑螂老鼠啊!
It is hoped that those who sign onto cockroaches just fall rats!

After all, we have the obligation to protect the Earth’s environment clean.

Yu Kuo-hwa’s wife said then : Do not let the dirty She was laughed at us. 可見,他們中國人多麼了解自己的同胞哩!This shows that they understand how their Chinese compatriots!

Dear Miss jellyfish.
This article less as possible, the author wrote himself in a room of 50 of these dubious silly thing cool.

實在沒必要。It is not necessary. 這人跟台灣那票爛統媒,沒甚麼兩樣!
Black votes of these people that reunification with Taiwan media is no different!

I love how the Taiwanese Provincials will just overreact and call Chinese people cockroaches and rat-like parasites that are dirty, sell children for money, crime-ridden, rude and blame them for all the problems Asians faced in the world. With people like this spreading the hate and promoting lies, it’s no wonder why people see Taiwan as just a rowdy Province across the Taiwan Strait. So with that said, What did I say that ticked off a few Taiwanese Provincials to think that all Chinese people are evil?

Oh right. I criticised Chen Shuibian for abandoning the Four Noes and One Without (四不一沒有) policy that kept the uneasy peace in light of recent problems in the province. It’s even more ironic because I don’t even live anywhere in China and these people give off the impression that they have never met a real Chinese person in their lifetimes other than stories their ah-ma told them or from old cartoons.

Now back to the issue at hand involving Taiwan Province. To those that want to go 228 on them and prove that the evil parasitic Chinese are out to get them in response to their anti-Chinese sentiment, I say this: patience. There is no need to remind anyone of China’s dominant position, nor is there actually a need to worry that the province will actually threaten China. Hell, if the CCP Hardliners got their way, it could simply rally the PLA to liberate the province using “human sea” tactics and simply repopulate the province with Minnan speakers from Fujian.

To the CCP Reformers who are working to change the system from within: don’t blow it now. Especially not when Taiwan is so close to implosion and China will be expected to take over. Patience until the time is right.

“The Skillful Warrior takes his enemy intact and defeats him before the fight has begun” (Art of War reference, for those of you who have still not read it).


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