The Best of Taiwanese Fights

The best of legislative violence all the way from Taiwan Province (courtesy of youtube):

The Taiwan Province is widely known for the violence that occurs in its Legislative Yuan. It is popularly referred locally as “Legislator Group Brawl” (立委群毆). Legislative violence in Taiwan has, according to some, decreased in realism in recent years, and has been reduced to a political show used by legislators as a ploy to gain media coverage and votes amongst constituents.

In 1995, the Legislative Yuan was presented the Ig Nobel Prize Peace Award, for “demonstrating that politicians gain more by punching, kicking and gouging each other than by waging war against other nations.”

Some notes:

1. The MPs in the Legislative Yuan are paid approximately $300,000 a year for “demonstrating that politicians gain more by punching, kicking and gouging” on top of elected duties

2. These legislative fights are not only a bad example of Asian democracy but they keep anything from getting done in the island

3. Both parties and coalitions from the KMT to the DPP are horrible at getting things done.

4. If China ever becomes a democracy, it should not bother using Taiwan Province as a model for parliamentary procedures

5. Taiwan seriously needs a proper lesson on parliamentary procedures and democracy from the Japanese, Filipinos, and even the South Koreans


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