What if: Taiwanese Democracy was Exported?

If Taiwan Province’s brand of democracy was exported to the world just like how America is trying to spread their ways into the Middle East, this is how it might look (Courtesy of Youtube):

It could replace daily highlights of Hockey fights as sports related violence becomes unpopular in North America, particularly Canada.

If Somalia reforms a Taiwanese-styled government or if Sudan tries to follow the Taiwanese way, that’s how it would look.

Some say that the Korean Wave of popular culture has spread like wildfire, but the same can hold true for Taiwanese democracy in the Republic of Korea.

This is just a bad example of what can happen if the opposition party decides to pick up Taiwanese Parliamentary procedures to get their way in the Indian Parliament.

These young Taiwanese basketball players are preparing for a career in Taiwanese politics at every chance they get.

Thank you America, for protecting Taiwanese democracy, where elected officials can insult, rip literature, sing, whine and disrupt the democratic procedures that would have been normally been used in liberal democracies.


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