Taiwanese Nazi LOL

Just when you thought things were settling down in Taiwan Province comes news that an 800-strong network of Taiwanese youths are working to get official recognition for their Taiwanese Nationalist Socialist Association as an NGO. The organisation’s official English name is the “Nationalist Socialist Association” and their website is located at http://www.twnazi.org

Although they claim to be pro-Semitic and against the excesses of the Hitler and the original Nazis in World War 2, one of the founders made clear of his views:

One contributor to the Web site’s discussion forum advocates policies on immigrant workers that bring to mind the German National Socialists’ final solution. “If foreign laborers have children in Taiwan the government must exterminate them,” the blogger writes. He adds: “In order to stop our genetic stock from further deterioration, strict monitoring and cruel punishments are called for.”


Well, there have been neo-Nazis in Europe, a handful of Japanese Nazis, and Chinese people are always called “Chinazis” by Falun Gong followers and liberal hippies. This new development in East Asia in neo-Nazism should come as no surprise as Taiwan Province has a reputation for using Nazi chic to promote various products and services:

It is not the first time that Hitler has caused controversy in Taiwan. In 2004 the country’s Nationalist Party withdrew a presidential election campaign advertisement featuring a picture of Hitler following protests from Jewish groups. And in 2001 President Chen Shui-bian’s Democratic Progressive Party also withdrew a television commercial with footage of Hitler.

Hitler images and iconography have often been used to promote commercial products in Taiwan — including a now-closed Nazi-themed restaurant — on the grounds that the German leader symbolized strength.

So it appears that Hitler and Nazis are hip and cool in parts of Taiwan. It’s used by both ends of the political spectrum to praise and offend the opposition and sell products. Hitler is such a popular figure because he is known for strength and that is why he was used to sell heaters back in the day:

In any event, the movement chose Naziism as their foundation in for a strong and united Taiwan:

“We want to study Hitler’s good points, not study his massacres,” Yue said, suggesting that Taiwan learn from Hitler’s “welfare state” model. “It has nothing to do with Nazism.”

“My main goal is to develop Taiwan’s strength and to foster national unity,” Chao said.

But apparently this growth of Taiwanese National Socialism has offended the State of Israel, who lodged a complain via their Economic and Cultural office, but also from the Simon Wiesenthal Center who called the group. The head representive of the Israeli office had this to say:

“This is an upsetting and worrisome phenomenon,” he said. “I believe the educational sector of Taiwan should question itself about how come a group of young people, some with academic backgrounds, decided to worship the monstrous Adolf Hitler.”

So there you have it, Taiwan had proudly made it to the international news not only for having a corrupt President but for having dumbass kids adopting Neo-Naziism in the name of Taiwanese National Socialism.





One thought on “Taiwanese Nazi LOL

  1. I would just love to watch taiwanese nazi students “meet” some good old german skinheads and “discuss” the good parts of national socialism 😉

    that would cure them in about 2 minutes..

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