Frank Miller’s 300 was one of the most action-packed films to come out this year.  The film is a direct adaptation of the graphic novel with nearly a shot-by-shot remake of every major scene from the comic book, which was based on the Battle of Thermopylae.  It is a movie that showcases the meaning of courage, heroism, and honour in Western civilisation and the strengths of men.  Most of the film were not played by well-known actors but they each gave a commanding performance in every action scene in the movie.

The 300 Spartans fought Persian Immortals, Elephants, Ogres, and regular soldiers before they were destroyed by betrayal.  Much of the principal cast had to spend 11 weeks undergoing extreme physical training to both look and act like Spartans in their era.   However, this film was controversial for its portrayal of ancient Persians with the Iranian government going out of their way to condemn 300 as American propaganda to stir anti-Iranian sentiment.  It’s ironic that they would make such remarks because many Americans are not exactly aware that Iranians are actually modern-day Persians.  Regardless, 300 is a must-watch film for those who are interested in historical fantasy, stylised violence, romance, visual effects, and something different in their movie experience.


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