Prison Break Season 2, Episode 20

T-Bag got his money, the brothers make it to Panama, C-Note is a free man, and Bellick is working with Sucre.

The episode opens up with a Mexican getting T-Bag’s luggage from him just as he is spotted by Sucre and Bellick. They chase him all the way out of the airport but T-Bag escapes through a taxi. After failing to capture T-Bag, Sucre was able to take Bellick’s gun from him, but he threatens Sucre by saying he has Maricruz hostage so he has to help him find the money. Sucre and Bellick go to the tourist bureau for information based on T-Bag’s false identity. The Tourist bureau later calls Sucre to tell him T-Bag was spotted somewhere in Panama.

C-Note is being helped by Agent Wheeler and an Internal Affairs agent in getting evidence against Mahone. C-Note tells them the only way he will testify if he is set free and his family is protected to which they agree to free him and place him and his family into the Witness Protection Program. At the end of the episode, C-Note is set free on the condition he shows up to testify against Mahone when he is contacted by the prosecution. It appears that the main characters will return to C-Note in the third season.

Michael and Lincoln take the ship out of the country, and Michael offers Sara a spot on the freighter. However, Sara realises she is being followed by Agent Lang and decides to stop driving so they would not be able to catch the brothers. Michael is upset upon realising she was caught as they left the docks to the point where he is tempted to call her when he arrived to Panama. The regret of not having Sara at his side when they are in Panama causes Michael to feel guilt over letting T-Bag go, as well as all the people that died so they could be free.

Lincoln tries to talk to sense to Michael during their trek in Panama to the “Christina Rose” a getaway ship named after their mother. Once they settle into their ship, Scofield gets a message on the website from Sucre informing him that T-Bag is in Panama. He soons disappears from the ship and offers to help Sucre get him, but it was actually Mahone impersonating Sucre to trap Michael in Panama.

After the trail goes cold when the brothers leave Chicago, Agent Mahone spends one week in his house trying to solve the puzzles using all information he has on Michael. He eventually figures out that all the tattoos were made in order of the master plan and goes on trying to decrypt the final tattoo containing the image of Christ in a Rose with the number “617”. He later figures out that the Christ and Rose imagery is a reference to Christina Rose, Michael’s mother, and finds records of Michael paying someone for a job in Panama. As he is learning about these clues, Mahone gets a call from Agent Kim asking him why C-Note is a free man and warns him about being investigated by Internal Affairs.

Mahone eventually realises it was Wheeler after he didn’t show up for work for days. As Wheeler returns to work in the parking lot, he asks for protection from IA from Mahone, just as Mahone confronts him. Despite Mahone’s threats, Wheeler tells him that even if he kills him, there is DNA evidence from his backyard, ballistics from Tweener’s murder, procedural problems from Abruzzi’s death and related evidence that would just get him convicted of murder. Mahone then composes himself and tells Wheeler that he reminds him of his younger self when he was still a stable and excellent detective, but tells him that he has to do this for his own reasons. Agent Wheeler, then tells Mahone that he wants to help him, but Mahone walks away.

As he is about to leave his house for fear of an arrest from the FBI, Agent Kim meets him in his house. He offers to make his problems go away by telling him that T-Bag is sighted in Panama City and he can get him and the brothers there.

After getting out of the airport in Mexico, T-Bag spends time in a hotel hiring prostitutes to role-play as Susan wearing a wig. In the hotel, T-Bag decides to kill a prostitute after she refuses role-playing and insists on getting paid instead of changing her terms as T-Bag wanted. That prostitute’s body was discovered by a maid, but T-Bag was able to escape on time before the police catch him. T-Bag is later shown running around in Panama city looking for prostitutes to role-play as Susan alongside a hired bodyguard.

Next week’s episode previews show Kellerman committing suicide in military uniform, Mahone and Scofield fighting in Panama, and Lincoln finally confronting Mahone.


6 thoughts on “Prison Break Season 2, Episode 20

  1. hi!
    i’m from the philippines and unfortunately, the lastest season and episodes of prison break are not available here. kindly continue posting summaries of future episodes so that i can keep up. i’d really appreciate it.
    thank you in advance.

  2. BIG up guyz. we really appreciate it. and boy is it da bomb!!! anyway big up for the good work n your site!!!

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