So there it is

I found out I could have deducted the Spring 2006 semester tuition off my 1040 after I had filed my 1040 and received my refund.  It was a pain in the ass filing my 1040x earlier tonight, but I managed to get it done.  So now it looks like I am getting all my wages withheld refunded back to me with Bush getting none of it to barely pay off the interest on our national debt.  Speaking of debt, I just went slightly overbudget on my monthly credit card budget this months thanks partly to medical expenses.  Fortunately, I usually keep more than enough cash at the bank for such situations.

My younger niece IMed me earlier today to inquire if I would be going to Asia this summer.  She told me that her mother, aunt and cousin were going there sometime next week and they plan to give me a surprise by having the estranged father visit me there.  She told me that he has been living in Hong Kong or China for sometime now.  I find it sad that my sisters would try to pull this shit on me and it is also sad that he doesn’t get it.  Every time I trusted them I end up screwed over at the end at someone’s benefit.  It was already low enough for him to impersonate my older niece just to talk to me and at one point try to buy me off by offering to wipe out all the loans that he caused in the first place.

My niece said that he regrets the past and that he still loves me, which sounds like the bad father rants I have heard on talk shows and from troubled families.  I have already given him more than enough chances and he blew each and every one.  So I try to let her know what it’s like by asking her how she would feel if her father used the same rant to get back with her…she told me that she wants him to fuck off…interesting.   It was also interesting to learn that his father’s mother is dying and a few of her friends are in the wannabe-Bloods.  One sister is unethical, the other one lacks self-worth, while the older brother is simply maladjusted and fears being a bad father to his son…

My Uncle has cancer and has received complications from chemotherapy and a head injury sustained while going to the lavatory at the nursing home.  My American cousin and his church buddies make occasional prayers at their church, but it really does not do much good in the end.  Talking to a minister can help, keeping him in good company can help, but praying to an idol in a room does not help.  It hurts to breathe and it hurts to live for him.  I just don’t know what to say anymore.


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