Prison Break Season 2, Episode 21

Everyone is in Panama and Kellerman helps Sara in court.

Sara is currently on trial for helping the brothers escape from Fox River. The only defence she has against a conviction is the tape Michael and Lincoln sent to the mass media. However, this piece of evidence is not enough to sway the judge and jury from putting Sara in prison. Meanwhile, Kellerman is in a hotel planning a military suicide dressed in his army ranger uniform and present with his medals of honour and a suicide note to his sister Kristine. The gun fails to go off in the last minute and he calls his sister for help around the same time Sara’s defence tells her to accept the sentence of 12 years with 9 years for good behaviour. Kellerman’s sister arrives and she sees his brother trying to tell her that he has nothing and he did things that he regrets. She tells him she is there for him and the episode ends with Kellerman coming forward to testify on Sara’s behalf.

T-Bag is hiding out in a hotel in Panama and is reluctant to meet the prostitute he met in a building. He goes outside of his room and sees Company men monitoring his every move. Michael spots T-Bag from the hotel balcony and also notices the men watching him and has flashbacks of all the crimes T-Bag did in Season 1. Scofield then hires a kid to light some firecrackers to make sure if they were armed. He then goes across the street and bumps into Sucre, who looks scared. Bellick then shows up and pulls a gun on Michael with Sucre begging Scofield to help him get T-Bag’s money since Bellick has Maricruz. Bellick threatens Michael and he eventually agrees to help Bellick and Sucre in return for T-Bag as long as they follow his plan. Meanwhile, Lincoln finds Michael’s Blackberry in the boat and Mahone gives his wife a call telling her that everything will be over soon.

Bellicks goes into the hotel and sets off the fire alarm, causing T-Bag to leave with the money. The Company men follow him with the Michael, Sucre and Bellick not far behind. Mahone, spots Michael in the crowd but is attacked by Lincoln before he could move with Lincoln gaining the upper hand. The trio follow T-Bag all the way to his meeting place with the two men guarding the entrance. Bellick is sent to distract the two men so Sucre and Michael take them down by surprise, which they later learn were Company men based on their lack of government identification. They then enter the building, and the find T-Bag in the back of the building just as the Panamanian police arrive. When asked about the money, T-Bag tells them that it is in the closet to which Bellick orders Sucre to get it, which has a dead prostitute from last episode instead of the money.

T-Bag then runs out the backdoor with the trio chasing after him. However, T-Bag manages to shoot Bellick, but he orders Sucre and Michael to catch him. Michael gets to him first then orders Sucre to find them a getaway car so they can turn T-Bag in to the US embassy. While they wait for Sucre’s getaway car, T-Bag tries to negotiate a deal telling Michael he has information that could help him in return for letting him walk, which is refused. While they are driving to the US embassy, Sucre and Michael get into an argument about Bellick since Sucre needs him to save Maricruz and the argument ends with T-Bag stabbing Sucre with a screwdriver he found in the car. The car swerves off the road with T-Bag taking his money and running into the woods. Michael tends to Sucre until a bystander comes by to help them by first calling the paramedics and then tending to Sucre, when Sucre asks Scofield to get T-Bag.

Michael chases T-Bag all the way down to an empty shack where T-Bag tries to negotiate another deal. Michael and T-Bag fight in the shack until he overpowers T-Bag. As he has a knife pointing at T-Bag’s neck, T-Bag laughs and reminds Michael that he is the type of person who doesn’t kill. Michael responds by stabbing the knife through T-Bag’s left arm and leaves him to get caught by the Panamanian police. As Michael returns to the Christina Rose with the money, he first calls the local operator to find out where Sucre is being treated and then gets a call from Lincoln who then gives the phone to Mahone. Once getting the phone, we learned Mahone caught Lincoln off-guard to regain control of the situation and that he wants Michael to hand over to him the Christina Rose and the money in return for his brother’s life.

Next week’s Season Finale shows T-Bag in prison talking to a Company guy, Bellick in prison, Sucre running from the police, and Agent Kim seemingly shooting Lincoln.


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