Grand Theft Auto IV trailer!

It looks like the fourth Grand Theft Auto installment will take place in New York City and Liberty City, not London as originally believed. The main character appears to be either an immigrant working for the Russian mafia or some Eastern European who is looking to start a new in New York City. Although some people think that this is the GTAIV version of Liberty City, I would like to point out that it if in fact New York City with some Rockstar flavour since the teaser trailer has references to:

1. The Statue of Liberty

2. The MetLife building now called the GetALife building

3. The Chrysler and Empire State Building

4. A modified Times Square

5. Brooklyn Bridge

6. The Grand Central Station (Dome shot)

It’s clear that the new city is indeed New York City and we are going to see countless complaints from city officials and activists about the current game. The graphics may not look that great since it is an early build of the game, but both the 360 and PS3 will have exclusive content in the form of different add-on missions they call “episodic content”. GTA 4 will come out on the Xbox360 and Playstation 3 on 16 October 2007. 

In-game content


In the first trailer released, there are a number of vehicles shown. These include road vehicles such as convertible sports cars, pickup vans, police cars, trucks, and at least two kinds of taxi, as well as other vehicle types such as boats, trains and cable cars. It is currently unknown which vehicles are controllable.


The trailer also shows numerous types of NPC (non-player characters) including people of various builds, gender, race, age and profession. NPCs can also interact with objects such as shopping bags, carrier bags, books and magazines. As usual for the GTA series, no children are seen in the game.


A variety of familiar fictional brands from earlier GTA games appear in the trailer, including Sprunk, Kronos, The Liberty Tree, Cluckin’ Bell, MeTV, Logger Beer, Bank of Liberty and Burger Shot. New to the series and shown in the trailer are Fleeca, Whiz (mobile phones), Liberteen, Max Renda (makeup), E Cola (soda) and Bean Machine (coffee house). America’s Next Top Hooker (parody of America’s Next Top Model) and I Slept With Your Mom (stage show) are also advertised on billboards in the trailer.

Interestingly enough, GTA IV will celebrate the 10th Anniversary of the Grand Theft Auto franchise.


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